How to Make a Shoe Rack with Free Scrap Wood

Today, we will learn to make a wood shoe rack in our vocational education. In carpentry, we can use our scrap wood more effective way. There are lots of scrap wood, we can easily get from our store. Suppose, you buy a glass for your home. At that time, you can also get some wood for its safety in its package. You can use it for making a very good and decorative shoe rack. One most important benefit of this rack that you can manage your all different shoes in one place. It will be helpful for making your house more effective. Following steps, you have to follow.

1. Cut 5 Legs of Wood Shoe Rack with Saw

2.  Cut 9 plates of wood.

3. Cut 9 supports for plates.

4. Cut 6 front and back support of plate.

5. Join all supports and legs with nails.

Now, your wood shoe rack is ready.

Vinod Kumar


Prof. Vinod Kumar is an Indian Educator, Motivational Speaker, Naturopathic Practitioner and Entrepreneur . He is the founder of Svtuition... read more »


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