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Benefits of E-Accounting

MOHD S. UMAR has asked the question from NIGERIA about the benefits of e-accounting. Following are main benefits of e-accounting. 

1.  With e-accounting, we can create account of more than one company from any place of the world.

2. With e-accounting, we can share accounting information with other from any place of the world.

3. With e-accounting, we can do live work of accounting. It means one accounting project can be complete more than one person from different place.

4. With e-accounting, we can audit the made accounts from any place of the world.

5. With e-accounting, we can give better input data to finance manager for good future financial plan.

6. With e-accounting, we can get result more fastly from any place of the world. Any can know what will be the profit or loss figure after each transaction.

7. In e-accounting, everything online, so there is no need to invest money in papers.

8. In e-accounting, we need small number of accountant. Same accountant can be promoted for other analysis work.

9. In e-accounting, we can get all old data more fastly for analysis purposes.

10. In e-accounting, we can import raw accounting data from other system also. We can also export our accounting data to other system.

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