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5 Tips for Success in Life

Today, life is changing very fastly. In this time, it is very challenging for you to get success in your life. Whole world has converted in a market. Competition is in every field. So, to get success is not so easy. But, I can give some tips  which I got in my past experience. Following are these five tips for success in life.

1. Selfless Work

Selfless work is the first step of getting success in life.  If you day starts from selfless work, no one can stop you from getting success. But it is very sad, you day starts from getting all selfish needs. Me, my wife and my children is your life. You do all your work just for collection the material things. To collect basics things is good because we can not live without this. But when we started to collect useless things, at that time, our success may convert in our failure. Success demands your sacrifice. You can sacrifice, if you are doing selfless work. Otherwise, it will be difficult for you to sacrifice. You may also feel jealousy, if you see other person's success. Never waste your time in jealousy.

2. Difficulties are Great Education

If you are facing difficulties, you are getting education from it. If your thoughts are great and you think that time of these difficulties is very small, it is sure long time of difficulties will decrease and you will feel that it is just one hour. It is on your will power. If you did not face any difficulty, you will not get the taste of success. A person who bears in very very rich family can not think, how does a poor person earn small money. But to earn small money with hard work is big success, if poor person feels satisfaction in it. I remembered when I became teacher in a village which was about 25 kilometers from my own city. I went on my cycle. For this,  I operated my cycle 1 hours daily. I also used same cycle for returning from school. At the last pay, I succeeded to buy Rs. 2500 mobile handset. Still it is in my hand and after seeing it, I feel very happy that it was the gift of my success in my life. Because this hard work had changed my life. I always think that time of these difficulties is very low and soon, we will feel happiness.

3. Control on Brain

Duty of brain is to take decision. If any tragedy happens and you feel pain of this. Due to this, your brain does not take good decision and you can lose your success. At that time, you need to control your brain. Face tragedy with confidence and bravery.

4. Healthy Attitude

If you starts to learn the art of living life, you can get success in same life. One of basic back bone of art of living is healthy and positive attitude. All the sadness are from our past works in this life and in past life. So, we need not to cry. We need not to feel sad. Same time, we have to think positive. If there is the time of night, then there will be the time of day.

5. Faith in God

If want to see success one step from your current place, you have to faith in God. Will God give you gift, if you will start to faith in him. God has no time. God has no need of your appreciation. But it is our selfishness that we starts faith and pray for getting benefits from God. Remember, God is good judge, he will give punishment if you will do wrong but when you will start to faith in God, you can not do any wrong work. Without wrong work, your failure is not possible. It means your success will more near to you if you will faith in God.

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Vinod Kumar ( Educator )

Vinod Kumar ( Educator ) is founder of this website

2 comments to ''5 Tips for Success in Life"

  1. Very well said sir :) :) :)
    Super Like :) :) :)
    And i definitely adopt these all tips in my life :) :) :) :)

  2. very nice said sir..


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