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How to Add Google Custom Search to Wordpress

There are two main benefits for adding google custom search in your wordpress self-hosting accounting.
1. You can give opportunity to your users to search two and more websites through your wordpress self-hosted site.

2. You can show sponsored ads in your google custom search result. This earned money, you can use for your projects.

Above both things are not possible in Wordpress search box. So, today, we do some hard work for changing the wp search box with GCS box. So, this time, we are ready to teach you the steps to add google custom search to wordpress. If you will know our following steps, it will be just 2 minutes work for you to change this.

Steps for Adding GCS to WP

1. Get Code of Google Custom Search Box and Result

For this, you need to go to your google custom search account. If you do not have any account, just search google custom search in google and then create. After this,  you need to get code of search box and result. Copy this and save it in your note pad.

2.  Create the Search Result Page in Wordpress

In second step, you need to create the search result page in wordpress by going to pages and then click add new. In this page, you have to paste the search result code which you have obtained from first step.

3. Install  UW CALS Google Custom Search Engine Plugin

Just go to your self-hosting wordpress account and then go to plugins. Go to new and search UW CALS Google Custom Search Engine. Install it.

4.  Add New Setting in UW CALS Google Custom Search Engine Plugin

Just go to settings of your wordpress account and then click UW CALS Google Custom Search. Add search engine unique id which you can find from search engine form. After this, click save changes  button.

5. Change The Search Form PHP File

For this, you need to go to appearance and then go to editor. Find Search form file. Click it and then delete its code and add code which you find first step. After this click update button.

Now you are ready to use google custom search in wordpress. If you want to change the size, please you can change the size by going to search form in editor  and then change the figure of size. I have written 25  size of my search box which you can see in above right side. You can also write go or other word instead of search by going to same place.

If you want to show more than one site and advertising, you need to change the setting of your google custom search account.  In its control panel, you will see site button and make money button. With these button, you can get above two benefits.

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