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Organisational Behavior

"What is Organisational Behavior? What are its Elements? How it can Improved?

Shikha from India

Before learning organisation behavior, you should know about the organisation. Organisation is the group of peoples who are working for any mission. Organisation behavior is all these peoples activities. Actually to know the behavior of an organisation is the science. We uses management, sociology, psychology and HR for knowing the each employee's behavior.

To know the organisational behavior is very important because with this, we can improve the performance of project which we are doing. We can take the example of home organisation. If your brother, sister, wife, father and mother's behavior will be good, you can operate your home more easily. Business is also an organisation. Every employee is its brothers and sisters. So, we know, how do they interact with each other? How do they behave each other? If they will quarrel with each other, businessman may be in loss because all customers will not come after seeing their quarrel.

Elements of Organisational Behavior

There are lots or elements and factors which affect the organisational behavior.  From these factors, environment of working is very important. If environment of working will be good. Behavior will be good. For example, there are lots of employees are working but there is no facility of water. Employees will discuss on this matter. They will think that businessman is not caring the basic need of employees. Their efficiency will decrease. So, businessman should manage the water facility.

How to Improve Organisational Behavior 

1. Through Motivation

Motivation is big power to improve organisation behavior. There is big need of a good leader who gives the direction to employees. There should be the quality of hero-ship in the leader. Employees will treat him as their here. They obey his order.

2. Incentive 

More you will give incentive to your employees, more your organisational behavior will be good. Incentive will be in the form of money and also in other things. For example, you can give incentive in the form of free education to the children of employees.

3. Informal Organization

Informal organisation is also great tool for improving organisational behavior. You should give sometime to employees to talk with each other freely.

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Vinod Kumar ( Educator )

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  1. m doing cs from india but i stay at singapore and m finding accounts very hard and dont have any source to study apart from icsi study material and its very tough without answers.hope u will help.


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