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How can I clear My IPCC Exam.

"Jai shree krishna sir,

Sir I am a CA  IPCC student. I wants to do  self study for this exam...
But sir i am a science background student & I done cpt also & in march my b.com exam also held. So sir plz tell me how can I clear my ipcc exam...
Plz sir....."

Harish Vyas from India

Harish Vyas, there is not any problem if you are a science background. Why are you understanding CA education as art? It is also science. Rules and regulations are universal applicable. Take practical approach of every subject. For example, if any organisation starts to earn by breaking the FEMA, you will see the news of action against that organisation under its provision. Like this, if your any relative is in accounting department, go there and see, all work is done on the basis of accounting rules and regulations. It will give you inspiration to learn IPCC with practical approach.  Try to understand the rules and then practice on these rules. Your hard work, your dedication, your devotion, your learning daily and positive thinking will surely give you success in IPCC. You should revise all the subjects deeply not just important topics. If you do not understand any question or topic, contact to expert for clearing that topic or question.
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