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How to Become a Complete Accountant with Taxation

"What should I do to become a complete Accountant with taxation."

Ilyas Chivelkar from India

Ilyas Chivelkar, I do not know what did you do? But from your question, you are having trouble for becoming accountant with your present knowledge in taxation.

There is big relationship between specialize in accounting and specialize in taxation because it is the duty of accountant to fullfil all tax liabilities of company. In every country, every person or company who earns more income than any exampt limit, he has to pay income tax. So, as accountant, you should have to study full law of income tax. Not just income tax law, you should also study the VAT laws, excise duty laws, import duty laws, service tax laws. He should know the rate of TDS. He should know the advance tax rate. He should know the date when he as the accountant of company has to pay advance tax. He should know the complete system of e-return of income tax. All these things are changing from time to time. So, getting the updates from concerned website is very necessary for accountant. You should read every new notification of tax department. There are lots of blogs and sites which tells the updated notification, so subscribe all these blogs and websites. It is needed for becoming perfect accountant who know every new thing regarding taxation. Sometime, you could not understand the meaning of the notification but don't worry. Reading and reading 4 and 5 times is sufficient. You should get some new idea and one day, you will be able to understand everything.

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  1. Dear Sir

    I am graduate in 2011 and i m completed tax course from Welingker Institute. I want to be a tax consultant.
    Can you guide me how to became a tax consulatant.
    Please reply




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