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Total purchase price "Paper Industries is a manufacture company based in Dar-salaam and imports some of it's raw materials from South Africa. The following information relates to the importation of raw material B-99 that was imported from South Africa during the month of june 2010.

1) 3000 units of raw material B-99 were purchased at a unit price of 2000 Rands each.
2)The material were packed in non-returnable containers with capacity of carrying 50 units each. The cost of each container was 200 Rands.
3)Quantity discount of 10% was given by the suppliers.
4)Cash discount of 5% was also offered if the payment is made within seven days after delivery.
5)Custom duty on imported materials was charged at a rate of 10% on CIF price.
6)Transist insurance was Tanzania shillings 500,000
7)Freight charge was 4000 Rands
8)Port charge Tanzania shillings 300,000
9)Pre-inspection fee of 500 Rands was paid

10)EXCHANGE RATE( 1Rand=Tshs 250/=)

1)Total purchase price
2)Purchase per unit
Ramsey Junker from Tanzani


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