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How to leave Gambling Addiction

Gambling addiction is the very dangerous addiction and it exists all over the world from Indian to USA. Every gambler who is sincere, can leave gambling addiction with our following steps.

1. First of all gambler should take pledge of leaving the gambling. With this pledge, he can cover the half way for leaving the gambling. Every time, when he will go for gambling, his soul will tell him his pledge which will become big barrier in his path for playing gambling.

2. You know that there is the treatment of any disease. Like this, there is the treatment of any evil. So, you can treat it by using any other substitute. For example you can play the game of carrom board or other physical games.

3. Some gamblers gambles for fulfilling their loss. When, they cover the loss, they have to leave this immediately without going to next play. Next play will be their greed and it is sure, they will fail in it.

4. All gambling are the part of fraud and cheating. So, every gambler should understand this. Only after this,  he can ready to leave it.

5. In many country, lottery is operated by Govt. We give vote to govt. They can take our money by selling their lotteries. So, learn the bad trick of bad politics. Save yourself from it as soon as possible.

6. Bet is also part of gambling. Some body bet on the win or lose of any cricket team. Some body bet with big money. This is too bad. First of all, you never bet with money. Second, you can bet with eating some food. Suppose, if you will the football match, I will give you two glass of milk. With this, your brother will be motivated.

7. To invest whole money in the share market is not good because we can not tell exactly which share price will increase or decrease.

8. You can invest your hard earned money in govt. bank fixed deposits or in properties instead of gambling.

9. Faith in your hard work. Never faith in luck.

10. Faith in truth. With this, truth, you can be brave to leave this bad evil.

11. God has given this great gift. Never waste it in gambling addiction.

12. Gambling is that well which will never reach on the top level. Every time, it will see you empty. So, take the some water in hand and say, I will never gamble next time. Because this god's water can fulfill your thirst. Ok

13. If you have some pride on you, never play games of gambling.

14. If you have left the drinking alcohol, to leave gambling is not tough  for you.

15. In end, I will say, it is easy to get the money from inside of earth. But it is impossible to get money from gambling..

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