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How to Stop Youth Gangs

Youths are the splendor of a nation. He should die for his nation. He should live for nation. Youth's organisation should be for the progress of nation. They should not make gang for harming the people of their nation because this work is of robbers. So, today, we are writing some tips for stopping youth gangs.

1. Youth should be taught by his family. He should never enter in any bad youth gang.

2. Every youth gang who does bad work is the enemy of a nation. He will be captured by police. He has to go to jail. With this, his family suffers problem.

3. He can be encountered by police in fighting. He can also be hanged by court. You should take the lesson from Mumbai attack. What is the need to make gang for killing innocence people. Stop it. There are many inspirational film in which all these gang were stopped by brave army. So, see them.

4. Do you like to become Traitor of your country? Would you like to become gangster? If no, never enter in any youth gang.

5. If you have been offered big money to enter in youth gang or terrorism. Do you know whether only money is the treatment of every sorrow of any family? A man never sleep with robbery money or money by killing anyone. So, accept our advice and leave your youth gang. Start to do any good work.

6. Do you know the work of any gangster. He drinks, he gambles. He makes the gangs outside of school or college. He can give you some money in the form of greed. He will supply you drugs free of cost. After this, you will become slave for getting drugs from him. So, say him good bye in beginning.

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Vinod Kumar ( Educator )

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1 comment to ''How to Stop Youth Gangs"

  1. thank you alot for your advice to the youth


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