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How to Treat Gambling Addiction with Good Thoughts?

There is big power in good thoughts for treating gambling.  If you start to think good, you can easily get power to leave gambling. Here, I am writing some good thoughts which will be helpful for you to treat gambling addiction.

1.  Why should we leave sleep for gambling? Without sleep, we can not live. But without, gambling, we can live better.

2. Why do we give the jewellery of home to other because after selling jewellery, we will not be any power to make it again.

3. Why do we take loan? Because, after losing in gambling, we will not be power to return the loan.

4. Why do we sell our home in which we live whole life. Just for gambling. No, never!

5. It is not important what we have lost but it is important why did we lose? If we have lost for gambling addiction, it is our mistake. If we have lost our money for our country, it is our quality because country will give millions of happiness in the form of freedom.

Written by Rajesh Kumar

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