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Entry of Purchase

Bought  goods of the list price of 6000 from khanna bro. less 15 percent  trade disc. and 2 percent cash disc. and paid 40 percent  price at the same time.

Rajeev Kushwaha from India

We do not record the trade discount. We just deduct the trade discount and then we pass the voucher entry. In your question Rs. 6000 is the list price, we will deduct the trade discount of 15% from Rs. 6000.

Rs. 6000

Less trade discount 15%


Rs. 5100


Cash discount on the cash received. We just received 40% of total purchase price. Purchase price is Rs. 5100, its 40% is 2040 and its 2%, we have received as cash discount. So, following entry will be passed.

Purchase Account Dr. 5100

Cash Account Cr. 1999.20

Khanna Br. (Creditor)  Account Cr. 3060

Discount Received Account Cr. 40.8

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