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How to Spend Time in the Summer

In India, to spend time in the summer is difficult because you will feel hotness. Your interest to do any work will be minimum.  In day, temperature may be reach at 40 degree Celsius. If you are living in rajasthan, then, you can feel more hotness due to reaching temperature at 47 degree Celsius. But still, our old saints had discovers so many things to live with pleasure.  Some tips of spending time in the summer, I am sharing with you. I think, this knowledge will be helpful for you to enjoy your life.

1. 4 to 5 Times Bathing 

This is the best way to spend time enjoyable in the summer. Just bath with cold water of earth. By bathing four or five times, you will feel relax from summer. It will be also helpful for your health.

2. Use Water Cooler

For spending time, you should use the water cooler instead of AC because AC is against the natural rule.  You will feel very peace. Water cooler will give you relief from suffocation.

4. To Drink More and More Water

Water is the life in summer. You can spend your more and more time by drinking water. More you will drink water more you will save from summer. In travelling, never forget to carry water with you.

5. Walking in the Park

In the time of summer, you can get natural and cool air in the park. Make your good time table for going to park. With this, you will feel good in summer.

6. Go to Hill Station

All the hill stations are cool. You can go there for spending your time in summer. I like Himachal Pradesh. Whole summer, it is cool. So, you can spend your time by going to Himachal Pradesh in India.

7. Develop Some Hobby

In summer, you can develop some hobby. For example, you can start to plant the vegetables. For this, you have to give water both morning and evening.  You can also start to read good blogs. It will give you good knowledge.

8. Make Cold Drink Yourself

You can spend your time for learning cold drink yourself with fruits. Many years ago, I had taken many bells and then make cold drink of them. I enjoyed to drink it. It is very helpful for getting freshness in summer.

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