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How to Stop Youth Unemployment

Youth is the symbol of energy, we can use it for development of any nation. But still he is unemployed. Main reason is that our educational organization are producing fuse bulb. So, first of all we have to change our educational system. We will not only develop their memory but we have to develop them with every angle. Following are the main steps for stopping the unemployment of youth.

1. There are lots of illusions in our society. They encourage the youth with negative way. They told them that this education is just word knowledge. This is not for employment. Instead of this saying, parents should encourage positively that this education will make you engineer, doctor, teacher if you do very hard work. Hard work is the key of success.

2. Teachers and parents should teach self  employment  to the youth. They have to tell that self employment is best. They have to teach any skill which should be valuable for society. You can teach the work of carpentry. After getting this skill, you never live free because there is big use of furniture products and its producer is carpenter. Like this, there are lots of vocational and self employment skills which youth can learn.

3. We have the neighbor country china. In China, every student learn to make machine, blade, tools, eating products and other technical skills. After getting, they get good employment. But in India, they learn MA in Hindi, MA in English, MA in political science. I am not against these MA. If your children are interested in it. It is good but with this, we have to learn some technical skills. At that time, we will give more opportunity to youth for getting employment.

4. Shy is the main problem in youth. No work is big or small. If you are higher education and unemployed. Start to work from small. You can do marketing from your cycle. With this, your marketing skill will be developed. After this, you can get more chance in big company. So never shy.

5. Instead of finding any job, it is good, you encourage youth to do some self-business. They can start it with 2-5 friends' partnership. Partnership will run on the basis of honesty and truth. Never cheat with your friend. You can make any thing and then sell it in the market. In beginning, you will face losses, never fear from these losses. Only after tolerating the losses, you will get success in the business.

6. Corruption and bribe is also main reason of unemployment. Youth should join against this.

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