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Inventory Entry in Tally

To respected sir
My question on tally. We have a branch in a same city distance between 25 kilometer. It has been register as a branch office and as given same Tin no.. So my Q is how to pass entries in tally with inventory. I hope u will do me needful.

thanking u.


Mulla from India

Mulla! With the help of cost center, we can manage our different branches. Not just inventory but we pass all the transactions relating to our branches. Suppose, you are in head office. You got the information of buying the inventory by your branch. You just go to the tally and yes the feature of cost center. Create the cost centers  in account info. You have to give the name of your branch and then keep it under head office.

Create the units of measurements and stock items. Create the purchase account. Now, pass the voucher entry. Go to accounting vouchers. Choose purchase voucher. Above will be the button cost center. Choose, your branch name in it and then pass the voucher entry. Like this, you can pass the voucher entry of sales of your branch.

1 comment:

  1. Good afternoon.

    I am currently using Tally ERP 9 but I am quite puzzled in recording the inventory issued and purchased.

    The transaction example is as follows:

    The Paint brushes and paint drums were stored in the warehouse, XYZ. Later on they were issued to be used for the maintenance of a location known as Yard.

    Now how can I record the inventory in a way that if in future I want to know that how much expenses have been incurred on the maintenance of the yard?


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