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How can I Collect A $ 3.3 Trillion Debt

I am owed close to a trillion dollars or more  by two US government agencies in an adversarial situation going back 32 years. They have blocked violently that I recoup about 46 million ounces of gold and silver robbed from family estate(I found the evidence after 31 years of investigating and being blocked every step I took-there may be up to n31 dewad bodies on the trail to cover up),while this was ongoing I invented a techology used by almost every pad pod and phone-US Patent 6680714 "acces to internet with touchscreen, voice or credit card inputs or commands, uploading and downloading content to ad from or tablet deivecs-photographing personal items and selling them on internet, taking videos and posting them, doing chats with family and friends with video or just voice or text, etc etc. The lawyers were intimidated f , investors intimidated and under pressure some petents wortldwide were lost for lack of funds. and entire technology in hands illegally of most powerful technology companies and they also have aided third party corporate entities to rob several technologies that i invented valued in close to a trillion dollars plus more assets robbed.

With all of above and over the years I have been blocked access  to the judicial system even under threats.-repealed violently when at US Attorneys office several times over the years, US Attorny general seemingly afraid f of the agencies involved did not even sign two return receipt ;letters wirtha list of hundreds of felonies and robberies with detailes So being the USA at least in theory a Constitutional system I posted a claim under Article lll Court (the real constitutional venue: since the US functions under a corporate court system owned by a corporate structure that will not rule against iytself). In my claim posted in open Court as i declared and stated that i was posting a 1.1 trillion dollar claim(no damages no punitive damages just plain economic damages actuallythe largest economic loss due to the patents exceeds 500 billion and I estimated it then at 20 billion) the trillion dollar figure growing due to legal interest during 31 years at 3% semiannually-the legal interest rate in USA). I declared the entire USA as the forum for the claim and posted it on facebook "and the trial would be the Constitutional Court of USA under Article lll venueor the original legal system of USA. Under UCC Rules any claim that is "presented " and if not denied is presumed to be an admission of and the facts of the claim-I gave 10 business days and no answer. Had they asked for proof it was alrewady posted on facebook-I used fictitious names since many of those damaging me and my family were top gansters connected in black ops to the intelligence agency of usa and to secret service and by law I would be revealing sensitive information so I changed the names quite a bit but not enough that they knew who I was referring to. Further I posted that since their acts were totally criminal including extrajudicial murders of at least 3-5 family members and also of a witness machine gunned down that their acts were under the color of law and they did not enjoy inmunities thus were liable for trebble damages under The RICO ACT (Racquetering aand Corrupt Practices Act of US) owing treble damages thus the claim is a "default judgment of $3.3 trilllion dollars) I have friends that in the past had legal proceedings agains three letter US agencies and went all way up to US supreme Court with a judgement and they died waiting to get paid. This is odd Christopher Columbus was robbed his share by King of Sapin Columbus family sued (with permission of King-king did not send hit men and gamnhgsters to shoot relatives of Columbus-they won the case and the King of Spain paid a claim of approximately(in todays money of 6 trillion dollars)The USAS seems to lack moral intergrity and I believe that only way to collect funds owed will be to securitize the claim into a 3.3 trillion dollar security divided in certificates that can either be ,marketed or used in re-repo or repo transactions especially for third world Country debt. I offered to pay off debt of two European Countries and further offerd to and pay up to one trillion of the Greece Italy, Spain Portugal, Ireland, Iceland, and even Frances foreign debt if they were able to collect the remaiming 2.3 trillion in my favor. Obviously with cruise missiles pointed at every capital in the world it is a difficult question to answer or the IMF has such a tight grip on such countries they do not dare act. So I am trying to use the amounts owed as collateral or negotiate them even if have to go pay a 30% commission-I went to mayor US bank and they said would buy the deal for a 30% asked me to come back in a week at that time they seemed to back out of their enthusiasms-so I surmise that we live in a brutal dictatorship -but still have hope I believe that maybe even if our reality is that of a dictatorship there are fancial entities willing to deal with my "account receivable or default judgment" .
So there are a couple or few questions arising from this:
1. I want to collect the funds owed -what mechanisms exist_as far as I am concerned the lack of response is a default judgment-had they had interest in a trial they would have been exposed to about 32 murder charges so they are getting off for now quite unscathed.
2. Is there an international agency that may want to acquire a large pool of collateral discounted at above rate as described?
3. I am considering acquiring properties worldwide and offer certificates of interest or participations on the full claim as collateral so ie. 11% pieces for 100 pieces to be marketed as eligible collateral for repo transactions -so others can lease the collateral or so I am able to offer collateral for purchase of properties and once purchased I substitute collateral- the properties would have a 3%+ cary positive cash flow enough to cover all expenses and repo rates and as I acquire rental properties that have a positive carry then substitute collateral and buy back the repo. I believe that the best UCC lawyeres in the World are probabvly in India and UK and USA buit probaly under political binds so I am seeking a top Indian lawyer capable of handling this as well or Indian Bank intersted or any other  international or Central Bank in looking into this_I tested it with JP morgan and they listened and then chickened out -so at least i know that it is doable. please help with some comments if you are instrumental in recovery ther may be up to 500 million dollar fee based on an agreement we reach and results that you can lay oiut. cewillmor1@yahoo.com
Can this be done? -if doable which international Bank would be most amicable to this type of deal.

Charles e willmore from  USA

Dear Charles e willmore, I have read your problem. Corruption is everywhere. But we have to stand against this. I think there will not any agency who will be ready to fight with govt. agencies. Yes, you can make the network of good persons of govt. agencies who are honest and ready to your help. One of my personal advice. You should give all your quarrel property to  orphan home or hospital for free treatment. I think, with this, you will feel satisfied and God will help you to succeed your case. My best wishes are always with you.

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