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Why am I so Nervous in Interviews

Tomorrow I'm going for an interview and I am very nervous . i don't know what he is going to ask me ..?
so, could plz sugest me some questions that i would practice for my interview.......?

Shiva Malik from India

Shiva Malik, there may be lots of reasons of to be nervous. You may be disturb because you do not have self confidence. You may confuse to answer the question which will be asked in the interview. Lack of confidence and lack of knowledge of answers will make you irritable and jumpy. So, two things may be helpful for getting relief from this restless feeling.

1. Increase your confidence

Practice 10 to 20 times in day by saying that I am powerful. I have endless power. I can give challenge to the world. Yes, God is always with me. When God is always with me, who can say and what can say to me. No one can insult me. No one can save the punishment of God. I am transferring all confusions to the God. Because God is my father. He will understand my feeling. With this, your confidence will surely increase.

2. Increase Your Knowledge Day and Night

Why are you sleeping. This is not the time of sleeping. Why are you talking aimless. This is not the time to talking aimless. Just stand up. Take a good book.  Start to study. Study should be with  serious way. You have to gain something from this book. This book will give you the power of knowledge. On the computer. Search the questions of interview. Read all the pages. Never feel lazy. Strong your body. Remember few minutes what you study and read. Did all the lesson in your brain or not. If not, read again.

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