Advice for Doing MBA Online

One of my student wants to do MBA online. He went to any website where he saw all the information. Now, he wants to take decision. For this, he want to take advice from me.

Today, I have just visited your given website of institute like any new visitor. Everything is ok. But, I want to give following


1. Everyday, new fake universities are started online. UGC has still listed following fake universities and institutes

but number of fake universities are very more than given numbers.

2. I think, you have to give the preference of universities which are registered under university grant commission of India.

Central universities

State universities

So, take your decision after deep thinking. If anybody did MBA from your given institute, contact them personally.

I did M.Com. correspondence from Himachal pardesh university in 2004, Shimla which is registered under state university in UGC, see


Vinod Kumar


Prof. Vinod Kumar is an Indian Educator, Motivational Speaker, Naturopathic Practitioner and Entrepreneur . He is the founder of Svtuition... read more »