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Costing Notes

Costing  is the part of  Cost Accounting. In costing, we calculate the cost of product or products with different methods. Following are its main notes. By studying these costing notes, you will become perfect in calculating  your company's products' cost. To study these notes are very necessary for any student who is studying valuation of a product  because without study of costing, we can not reach on the valuation of any product.

  1. Meaning of Costing 

  2. Job Costing

  3. Job Costing PPT

  4. Job Costing Q and A

  5. Advantages of Job Costing 

  6. Contract Costing

  7. Contract Costing PPT

  8. Job Costing Vs Contract Costing

  9. Work Certified Vs Work Uncertified 

  10. Batch Costing

  11. Batch Costing PPT

  12. Operation Costing

  13. Production Account

  14. Cost Sheet Vs Production Account

  15. Service Costing 

  16. Multiple Costing 

  17. Process Costing 

  18. Process Costing P and S

  19. Preparation of Process Accounts 

  20.  treatment of normal and abnormal loss

  21. Activity Based Costing 

  22. Disadvantages of Activity Based Costing

  23. Cost Drivers Examples

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