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Never Compare Yourself with Others

Never compare yourself with other because it brings negative feeling in you. When you compare yourself with other, you will see that other is more capable and you are not. It will degrade you. It will never bring confidence in you. Trust in yourself.

1. Think - You can do what other can not do.

2. Think - There are lots of capabilities which are hidden in you.

3. Think - You never live dependent of other all time. One day, you will stand on your own legs.

4. Think - God has send to this earth for special purpose. You have to identify that purpose.  Everyday, you have to do something positive.

5. Think - Other successful persons are just example for you. You have to find your existence by getting help from these successful persons.

6. Make your strategy to increase your confidence. You can talk loudly. You can help others on the field in which you have confidence.

7. Everybody grows in different environment. So, if you are comparing, it means, you are comparing your environment with other. For example, a rich child gets lots of financial support but a poor child is not in the position to get education at very standard school. So, poor children should not compare himself to rich children. They have to do hard work more than rich children. They have to prove that even after poor, he has capability to grow. Never see the richness of other children, it may be the barrier of your success because you may also want to get the things which have in the hand of rich children. It is sure that you have the right on all these things. But for this, you have to study. You have to set up your own successful business. So, be patient.

8. A small employee should not compare himself with his boss. You may see that your boss is not higher educated. Your boss is not so experienced. But he became his boss without  his capability.  He behaves with you like a dictator.  You have higher qualification. You have higher knowledge. You have very big experience but you did not become boss. If you will thinking  like this, this is wrong because you are wasting your time and energy for think this. If I am on your place. I will leave that job within 2 second. You may say that you are the father of 3 children, you have the responsibility of one wife. At that time, I will say you, instead of becoming slave of your boss, start your own school and admit your children in this school. Start to teach them. You will become your own boss in the school. Meet me at my phone no. 01762-500250.  I can give you more opportunities.

9. If you are more powerful, more handsome and more intelligent, then you also should not compare yourself with the person who is less powerful, less handsome and less intelligent because with this, you are limiting your area and second, you will start to do pride on yourself. In this word, God is the most powerful, most intelligent and most handsome. We all are the children of God. So, we all are same. We all are equal. This thinking will increase the love with other.

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