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What is Teaching Aptitude

Today, we will tell you about the meaning of teaching aptitude. Teaching aptitude means your interest in teaching. Your heart is saying to you to teach someone because to give knowledge to other will increase your knowledge. So, we will say this interest as teaching aptitude. Your heart wants to promote education.

If you want to become perfect teacher, you want to know the teaching.

1. What is teaching:-

Teaching is such activity which is helpful both teacher and their students. Both get benefit from this. Through teaching, student's knowledge increases. His behavior will also become good. On the other side, teacher's knowledge also increases because it is that wealth, more we sacrifice, more it will increase in our brain.

2. Factors Affecting Good Teaching 

a)  First factor of good teaching is the planning. We see  whether teacher has made planning or not. Before teaching, we have to study,  More we study, better we can teach.

b) Second factor is involvement of students. If students participate in learning effectively, teaching mission will be fulfilled.

c) Environment of classroom is big consideration for better teaching. If environment of classroom is peaceful, then teaching can be successful.

d) Fourth important factor of good teaching is the qualification, skill and experience of a teacher. If teacher do not know what to teach, he can not teach better.

In last, I want to say, if you are interested to teach from your deep heart, you will be successful as teacher.


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