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Eligibility for Lecturer in MBA College

Wednesday, June 19, 2013 / 1 Comment

I have completed 10th std and got my graduation in BBA corres., and MBA corres. am I eligible as  Lecturer in MBA College . please reply me.i have 9 years experience in managerial works.

Ganesh.R from India

How to Write Press Release

Tuesday, June 18, 2013 / No Comments

Press creates the relationship between organisations and public. So, every organisation wants to publish their latest events in the press, so that it can reach to the public. Whether you are selling product or increase traffic  direct or indirect way, press can help you. Press is common word which is used for all news papers.  Every morning when you read news paper, you read lots of press releases of different organisation.

For knowing more, you search their traffic online. So, website's traffic will increase from press releases. Many online encyclopedia publishes the profiles of organisation on the basis of press releases.  Millions of people searches these online encyclopedia daily basis. So, you can estimate the long term benefits of writing press releases. So, today, we are writing our organisation's press release, it will help you to write your organisation's press release.


The Chief Editor,

(The name of newspaper)

Address of the office of Newspaper

Subject : Our Svtuition's Latest Press Release.

Svtuition is a free online virtual school who provides free education through written and video lectures. From time to time, we motivate our young students through motivational lectures. Through this Press release, we are happy to announce, we are organizing a motivational seminar for you which is totally free of cost. This motivational seminar will be 2 hours. It will be on 2nd july 2013 in Rose Garden, Chandigarh on 30th June 2013 from 2 :00 p.m to 4 : 00 p.m. In this seminar, you will get knowledge of success in life in simple words. So, please note the date, time and location.


Vinod Kumar ( Educator and Motivator)

Founder of Svtuition

How to Stop Worrying and Start Living

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To stop worring and start living is very necessary for successful life. Your life is not for taking tension and feels like a patient. When you live your life with different type of tensions, it means, you are suiciding slowly. When God has given already death gift, what is need to die with tension poison. So, today, I will tell you some tips. If you will follow these tips, you will get success to stop worrying and start living.

How to Clean Air Filter Auto

Saturday, June 15, 2013 / No Comments
Today, I went to my friend who drives the auto for marketing his products. He showed me the air filter and he cleaned it. He told me that it is very important for keeping engine fresh and it increases the life of engine of auto. so, today, I added this tutorial in my svtuition.

How to Make Refined Oil

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The refined oil which you buy from market is very dangerous for your health because there are lots of chemical which are added in it. Best is to make it at home. Doctors and advertisements are also big cheaters who suggest you to eat refined oil because all are interested to earn the money. But we are very careful about your health. You can make refined oil from mustard oil.

Mint Health Benefits

Monday, June 10, 2013 / No Comments
God has made mint as natural medicine. You just use daily and you can treat more than 20 diseases with mint. It is my personal 20 years experience. Come to the naturopathy and leave allopathy. In past, I had Naturopathic Practitioner and treated many patients successfully by just recommending them to use mint. moreover there is no side-effect of mint. You can treat following diseases and get health benefits from mint.

How to Make Youth Group Fun

Sunday, June 09, 2013 / No Comments

We are providing you some useful tips for making youth group fun. Hope, you will act up these tips for bringing happiness in your life.

1. If you have the group of two or four young persons, you have to bring unity. You have to bring love and co-ordination in their thoughts. With this , you feel always fun and happiness.

2. Group of female and male should be separate. If both are in group, then their behaviour should be as brother and sister. With this, there will less chance of fighting each other.

3. Group fun does not mean that youth group enjoys their lives with bad song and dance. This will give fun for small time but not whole life. Real fun is to help each other and solve the problem of each other.

4.  For bringing youth group fun, you have to leave selfishness.

5. To make youth group fun, you have to sacrifice your interest also for the interest of group.

6.  Youth group can enjoy by playing any game.

7. They can prepare any funny poetry. Through speaking their poem to each other, they can get youth group fun.

8. Youth group should do some social welfare activities. They can play a drama for stopping the killing of daughters, promoting blood donation and stopping rape cases. This will bring fun.

Result of 10 Class PSEB 2013

Saturday, June 08, 2013 / No Comments

We are happy to tell to you that PSEB has announced the result of 10th class on 3rd June 2013. All students of 10th class whether regular or open can check their result on the official website of PSEB at http://www.results.pseb.ac.in/ . Students who appeared 10th class were waiting their result from long time. After declaring result, their all tension have removed.

How to Promote Youth Sports

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Sports are very useful for developing youth's life. If all youth will play the games and will take part in the sports, sale of drugs will become zero within one day.  With taking part in sports, youth can become strong and can fight social evils. Following are the tips which will promote youth to take part in sports.

1.  We should tell the advantages of sports to youth. By playing sports, youth can get refreshment. They can get their status from playing of games. Buy will become also strong. Youth will become healthy from sports.

2. Youth can get employment from sports.

3. It is saying, both sport and young age will go together. In old age, we will just wait for death. There is big relationship between young age and sports. Even old person can become young if he plays any game daily.

4. Sports are the source for removing all evils . If we help youth to take part in games, youth can save from all evils. No evil will near to him, he plays the sports.

5.  Today, we are sad to say that sportsmen and sportswomen have become corrupt.  But it is not default of sport. Such corrupt players should be hang. So, other honest will promote in the sports.

6. We should tell the rules and regulations of sports. It will help to youth for not to do the mistakes in the sports.

7.  We should give the reward to all youth who take part in the sport.

How to Promote Youth Leadership

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Youth are the life blood of any nation. If youth come forward for leading the nation, there is no doubt of country's progress. But it is very latest sad news that today youth has no interest in leadership. He just become the leader in school or college. Some people say, there is youth leadership in military but you will feel say that there is lack of leadership in military also.

So, there is big need of promotion of youth leadership. Following are the steps for promoting youth leadership.

1.  Youth should learn leadership from old peoples. Old people have lots of experience of their lives. Young people should learn the lecture of old people. They can also learn the ideals of old people. They can use these in their leadership.

2. Youth should study the books of great leaders of their country. They should also study the books of famous international leaders. These books should the part of syllabus of youth's formal education.

3. Today, youth should learn the fight with corruption and black money. This is very necessary.

4. In the beginning of the process of becoming leader, will be difficult for you. But, after sometime, you will get interest in it. First of you should try to become leader among your friends. When they feel that you are the ideal of them. You should become the leader of your city and then your district. After this, you should think state and national leader.

5.  For promotion youth leadership, you should do any social work and call the youth for this. You will feel happy, youth will interested to do these social welfare activities.

Written by Rajesh Kumar 

6 Reasons Not to Eat Eggs

Monday, June 03, 2013 / No Comments

There is big lie which every doctor is speaking that there is plenty of nutritional values in eggs. In reality there is not any nutritional values in eggs.

If you will eat the eggs, you will face several dangerous diseases whose treatment is not in the hand of doctor. Actually, doctors want to operate their business. So, they promote it. If you will eat it and then you will face the diseases, only then you will go to doctors. So, doctor earns the money. I do not eat the eggs, so, I did not go to doctor.

There is no calcium and iron in eggs which can be used by human body. Actually, its calcium is already used for making it by God. So, if you will eat used calcium it will affect your health adversely. Following are the five reasons, you must not eat the eggs in your life.

1. It increases the Poison in Your Body

when you will eat the eggs, you increase the Poison in your body because after eating eggs, you will just eat dead body. There is not any vitamins in it. If any body says you the vitamins in the eggs, he is fooling to you because vitamins only in vegetables. If you want to get the vitamins, you should use the vegitables.

• Vitamin B2 in Green vegetables, which helps your body to break down food into energy
• Vitamin B12 in coconet, vital for producing red blood cells
• Vitamin A in green vegetables, which is great for your eyesight
• Vitamin E in tomoto, which fights off the free radicals that can cause tissue and cellular damage, which may lead to cancer

Eggs have enough passion to blind your child, so never eat eggs. All the naturopathy and ayurvedic doctors accept this.

2. Increase your fat

Eating of eggs will increase your fat. Fat will bring three dangerous disease for you. One is heart-attack. Second is pain in your joints. Third is brain break-down. So, never eat eggs. Eating eggs will increase your blood cholesterol levels.

3. There is no minerals in it

There is not any minerals in eggs. I already told that it is Poison and you will get cancer from it. If you are interested to get minerals, you should drink cow's milk daily. By drinking cow's milk, you will get iron, phosphorus, zinc and other useful minerals.

4. There is no protein which is useful for human body

I say only one thing. I give you one glass of milk in which there is small amount of protein. Will you drink it? No, you will never drink because this milk also will become Poison. Like this, the protein in eggs is not useful for human body because there are lots of Poison elements in it.

5. It increases the chance of breast cancer.

6 It increases the cancer risk

Lifting the Corporate Veil

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Corporate veil is the veil between company and its shareholders. Shareholders have right to buy and sell the shares. To vote for big company decision but shareholders do not disturb company for day to day works. One other side, company will not disturb shareholders of their day to day work. We can say both are living in the room but there is a veil between them. That is called corporate veil.

Sometime, court can lift the corporate veil because court think, company is nothing but it is fraud. It is just simple way to cheat the public. Company is just playing under the hand of some mastermind controllers. At that time, court lifts its veil and punish the shareholders who are cheating the public. Court will not give any separate legal entity if court will see that company is not fulfilling all its legal obligations.


Testimonial from PhD

Sunday, June 02, 2013 / No Comments

Dr. Mathura Das Sawtanter is PhD in Children Crime. His given speech for Svtuition is just like testimonial for us. 

Grapes Grow on Trees or Vines

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If you have seen this video, you will surely say that grapes grow on trees not on Vines. But you are wrong. I am plant lover. In my kitchen garden, there are lots of fruits trees. It is my hobby. More than 15 years ago, I brought the plant of grapes. So, I can tell you that it grows on vines. But one is the wonderful quality in grapes that it goes where there is a tree and make the chain for growing. In this video, I have another tree and grapes grows on the vines and then captured this tree through tight chains.

A Company is a Legal Entity Distinct from its Members." In What CasesDo the Courts Ignore This Principle.

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In the Eye of Court, Company is an independent identity. It is an artificial person. There is no body, soul or brain but it works like an human being. It can buy and sell on its own name. No members have right on company except their invested share capital. So, no shareholder sells or buy the company's property. They can only sell their bought share at its current market value. It is not just association of persons like partnership. It has full independent legal entity. Death or birth of new shareholder will not affect the existence of a company. Shareholders are not also the agent of company.

Company will not die with the die of any shareholder. When any shareholder will die, his shares will transfer to other authorize party. You see Ganga. Water of Ganga is of rain but these water will change every time but Ganga is Ganga, it will never change. Like this, company is company, it just needs the management who are the permanent employees of company. Shareholders are changing from time to time, but company will not change.

There are some excepts when this rule will not apply. For example, controller of company is of enemy country. At that time, company and enemy will not be different. Company's legal entity will not exist when court finds that controller of company are the enemy of India. At that time, all activities of company will stop.

When any company starts acting like a agent of shareholders. At that time, company and its shareholders will not different. At that time, its liability will be unlimited.

How to Play Football Alone

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Our employee Tara Chand gives very good demo for playing football alone. I like this demo. When we hit the ball to wall. Wall hits also opposite side. I think, with this, anyone can enjoy and it is also good exercise.

Tara Chand Our Employee in Free Time - Life at SvTuition

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Tara Chand is our employee for teaching carpentry. He made more than 14 videos for teaching carpentry to you which you can watch at http://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL3CCA02468D531FC2 . Free time, he plays football and enjoys his life.

"A Company is an Artificial Person, Created by Law with a PerpetualSuccession and a Common Seal." Explain This Statement.

Saturday, June 01, 2013 / No Comments

Above statement is 100% correct. A company is an artificial person created by law. It has not any hand, leg, heart or physical body. Its existence comes when a company is formed and registered under company law. After coming in existence, it can do all business work like a human businessman. It can open his bank account. Company can buy or sell any asset on his own name. Company gets loan on his own name. It can sell own shares in the market.

There will not any effect on the company whether any shareholder will come or go. Company will live even if any shareholder sells his all shares. Other person who will buy the shares, will become the new owner of company. Company will not have any personal relation with shareholder. Every shareholder's liability upto his bought shares.

It has also its own a common seal. This seal will use in all the agreements which will be done on the name of company. Company can not sign, so it is very necessary for making common seal which company can use as showing his identity on every agreement. All the documents will only legal if authorized person's sign will be on the document and company's seal will be on same document.

Trigonometric Ratios of Any Angle

Thursday, May 30, 2013 / No Comments
There are six trigonometric ratios of any angle, out of these six ratios, 3 are just opposite of first three.

What is Angle

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To know the meaning of angle is important for learning trigonometry. Angle is the space between two sides if both sides starting point will be same. We can measure this space in the form of degree. Angle will be from zero degree to 360 degree

Prove sin(a+b)sin(a-b)=sin^2a-sin^2b

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If you know that sin (a+b) will sina cosb + cosa sinb and sin(a-b) will be sina cosb - cosa sinb, this to prove the equation will not be difficult. You should know also cos^2 = (1-sin^2)

Draw the Graph of Sin X

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Graph of Sin X will be two opposite side bells when we put the value of sin 0 to 360 degree.

Why does Tan Equal Sin over Cos

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We can say this question also why does cos equal to sin over tan or why does sin equal tan over cos. It happens because the relationship of three sides of any triangle.

Prepare Tax Invoice in Tally

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In this presentation, you will learn to prepare tax invoice in tally. This is the 73rd part of tally.erp 9 videos series.

Mailto Hyperlink in Access

Sunday, May 26, 2013 / No Comments
Before learning Mailto Hyperline in Access, we want to tell that mailo is not any email service just like gmail or yahoo email but it is the just url scheme which helps user to send email without copying email address and compose it in gmail or yahoo or other email service. It is internet assigned number authority. Following is its html code for mailto hyperlink in access.
<a href="mailto:someone@example.com">Send email</a>

Just go my website's bottom, you will see that I have used same html code.

<a href="mailto:vinod@svtuition.com">Send email</a>

If I will show two email, I can use following code

<a href="mailto:vinod@svtuition.com,vinod@svtuition.org">Send email</a>

Gym Motivation

Thursday, May 23, 2013 / No Comments

Ratio Analysis in Tally

Monday, May 20, 2013 / No Comments
This is 71st Part of Tally.ERP 9 video series. Tally will automatically calculate all important business ratio. You just check. Every transaction will affect these ratios. I did some demonstration on this. Check it in this video.


How to Adjust VAT in Tally.ERP 9

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Do you know, how to adjust VAT in Tally.ERP 9 when VAT rates will increase or decrease? If not, watch this video and learn its all steps.


Thursday, May 16, 2013 / No Comments

Few years ago, every Sunday, I saw the vartman cartoon serial on Doordarshan. This was just for 15 minutes but message of this was great. One of great hero name was Vartman. Villain of Story was Sankat. Sankat tried best to give fear of past and future. But, Vartman won by thinking only present.

Today, our motivational lecture is on this topic. We should not take the tension of Past and Future. We should always live in present. Meaning of Present in hindi is Vartman. When we start to live in present, our 99% problems will solve. Today life is your life. Live it with full of fun and enjoy. No one know what will happen in future. Our past is just like a dead body. Why we open our dead body by remembering the mistakes of our past history. Forget what happened in past. Start a new life from this present.

Why does cos^2x+sin^2x=1

Monday, May 13, 2013 / No Comments

In above video, we have prove cos^2x+sin^2x=1. It could only possible because square of hypotenuse side is always equal to the sum of square of opposite side and square of adjacent side.

Basic Formulas of Trigonometry - Part 1

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In this part of Basic Formulas of Trigonometry, we have explain the 6 functions sin, cos, tan, cosec, sec and cot. Out of three Sin, Cos, Tan are the main. These all functions are tells us the relationship between any two side of any triangle.

How to Stop Thinking Everyone Hates Me

Sunday, May 12, 2013 / No Comments

Do you know the steps to stop thinking everyone hates you. It will be very painful and will increase tension when you feel, no one loves you. Here are some tips and guidelines that you can follow to help stop thinking everyone hates you.

1. Develop your willpower. If you truly want to stop thinking about everyone hate you, you need to make a commitment to yourself and stick with it. At a minimum, you should make a goal to curb your these thoughts so that they don't distract you from your other daily activities, such as work or school. If you need help remembering your commitment, wear a piece of jewelry or a simple string around your wrist that will remind you to power through the temptation to get lost in thought. You can start it from small by saying yourself that you will not meet who will not care who will hate you. Talk everyone with confidence.

2. Distract yourself with other activities. If you're not in a place where you can do a creative hobby, try exercising. If you're working out hard enough, you shouldn't be able to focus on much of anything. Alternatively, get lost in an engrossing book or movie, or take up a team sport. All these activities will be helpful for finding the quality in yourself. If you will get success for finding your quality, it will become the source that others will love you.

3. Don't leave too much idle time in your schedule. Everyone needs time to relax, but finding yourself with hours of time on your hands might lead to backsliding. Schedule your day full with events and activities to better yourself. Leave a bit of time at the end of the day for reflection and relaxation, but not so much that you'll get bored. It is simple saying, idle mind will always think wrong. It is not necessary that all hate you but your idle mind will think just opposite or negative angel. It is just like, you are seeing any picture just wrong direction. More busy in work will help you come from these types of feeling.

Thoughts on Work Hard

Saturday, May 04, 2013 / No Comments

Few months ago, I wrote my some thoughts on work hard which I am sharing with you today. Hope, you will like my these thoughts.

1. You should always remember that every money which you get is of your work. If any day, you get money without any work hard, do not think, it is free. You need not to do  any work hard. You have to pay the cost of this money. This cost will be your hard work. Do you see the measurement tool. You keep your money in its one side and you will see the it need other weight for balancing. Do, work hard and it will be balanced. Never become lazy when you get money without doing anything. Do more hard work. You can do this by starting any not-for profit organisation.

2. Every human being never leave hard work. Whether there is the time of sadness or time of happiness, you should never leave hard work. A man will die when he leave to do work hard. Remember, you hard work will decide your luck.

3. Never feel your work hard as small work. Some time, your small work hard will be most  important for others.

List of Weakness of Employees

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Today, I started the project to make the list of weakness of employees. Before making the list, I want to tell that I have not any jealousy or fight with any employee. The main reason behind making this list is my experience. Moreover, I want to help to employer or businessman who appoints the employees. After reading this list, they can take good decision.

1. Selfishness :- 

I think, this is the first weakness of any employee. They think only their and their family benefit. They do not think the benefit of boss.

Following is its example

I and my employee decided to visit any place. I have paid all his and his family's whole ticket. I brought him because I think, he is my employee and he will help me in my work during travelling. During the time of visiting place, we have decided to visit only one place in same city because we have no time. Now, my employee told me that he can see all the places because he came with him for entertaining. I told, if you are coming here with your family for entertaining, you can go, I am going to home. He was ready to going alone without me because he was giving more preference to his family. If he was to give more preference to his family, why did he come with me and why did he use my money for going to that place. This was the big question. In end, I decided that selfishness of employee is the main weakness. So, I have included in this list.

2. No Importance of Time 

I faced so many employees who give no importance to time. They gave me promise to come on the time. But, they do not come on the time by saying false story. I remembered, when I was an employee. I did not waste my boss's one second because I know the value of time of my boss. So, wasting of time by employee is the weakness of an employee.

3. Lack of Commitment

There are lots of employee who have lack of commitment. They do not work what they committed. So, Boss like me feels sad. This is also main weakness of any employee.

4. Do not Do if They Get Advance Money

Except few employees, there are lots of employee who do not do work when they get advance money. So, never give any advance money to any employee if you have not any faith.

How to Get the ID of Page in Wordpress

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After long time search on google, I have finally succeeded to get the ID of Page in Wordpress. To find it is easy, if you are expert in wordpress, otherwise, you can spend whole day. So, today, I am writing its steps.

1st Step : Login your wordpress account.

2nd Step : Go to All pages

3rd Step : Search the page whose page id, you want to find.

4th Step : Carry your mouse on its edit button and see below the status bar, you will see its page id. following is its screenshot.

Spirituality Basics

Wednesday, May 01, 2013 / No Comments

Recently, we took the interview of Shri Shiv Kumar who is retired Accounts Officer from Punjab Electricity Board. He has deep experience in the field of Spirituality. Today, he started to teach us the basics of spirituality.

History of Om

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Recently, we took the interview of Shri Shiv Kumar who is retired Accounts Officer from Punjab Electricity Board. He has deep experience in the field of Spirituality. Today, he will explain, "How did Om bear?" What is the true history of birth of God's Great name

Learn to Never Give Up

Sunday, April 21, 2013 / No Comments

This is small Hindi motivational video. This video had been made on the basis of Swett Marden's real biography which is great inspirational. In his life Swett Marden never gave up when the situations were just against him. That was reason, he got success.

Help me in Getting Back my Money

Sunday, April 14, 2013 / 1 Comment

I am Lavanya.N holding ICICI account in Delhi Vikaspuri Branch branch for more than four years. On 11th of December 2012, my account statement showed that there were three VPS transaction made using my ICICI Debit card. But the card was with me. So Immediately I called customer care and asked to block my card to stop further invalid transactions happening from my card. When I enquired customer care, I was asked to file a fraudulent case and as said I gave a complaint about this issue in Police station on 12th Dec 2012. And on further enquiry with ICICI customer care I came to know that all the three VPS transaction was made in 3 different shops in Bangalore. Hereby I kindly request you to take necessary action to find out the fraudulent that has happened and help me in getting back my money which is altogether a total sum of Rs.5640/- . Following are the transactions made in Bangalore. No Value Date Transaction Date Description Withdrawals Available balance Time .

Dear, I think, there is someone who took your card for sometime or someone who make the false card by getting your PIN information. I hope, police and bank will give you better support. In future, instead of using card, use your cash for buying anything from any shop.

How to Withdraw EPF Money after Leaving a Job

Saturday, April 13, 2013 / No Comments
When a person leaves the job, he needs big money because one side, he or she faces unemployment. With this, there will not any source of earning without getting another job or doing any new business. Second side, he or she needs money for fulfilling basic needs.  So,  to withdraw EPF money is the better option for fighting with current situation.  So, today, we are telling its simple steps :


1st Step : Fill the Form 19 and 10 C


For getting your EPF money, you should fill the form 19. You can download at here .


2nd Step : Signed by You


You want to get EPF money, so you must sign on the form.


3rd Step : Attest Form from Employer or gazetted officer


It is very necessary to attest same form from your employer or gazetted officer.


4th Step : Submit to EPF Commissioner


After filling and attesting the form 19, you must submit it to your regional EPF commissioner. Wait for 60 days, your EPF money come to your bank account.



How to Behave with Boss outside the Office

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1. When we meet boss outside the office, we should talk with love. We should also always say good day.
2. If he comes to your home to meet you, ask for water or eating food. If you meet outside your home, you can ask him to come your home.
3. You can start informal communication outside the office. For example, you can ask more clarification of the problem which you are not understanding in official language.
4. Outside of the office, you can share your good thoughts with your boss.
5. Try to make your boss out side office as your best friend. Try to solve the personal problems of boss outside of the office.
6. If you pocket allows after personal budget, you can give good gift on his birthday.
7. If you are doing any social or not profit activities, share his activities to your boss outside of the office.
8. Instead of speaking, try to listen the voice of boss outside of the office. It is good manner.
9. If your boss is sitting outside anywhere, you should never cross his chair. It is wrong behavior. For example, your boss is sitting on the chair near table. If space will low, your leg may hit to boss’s leg which will show your wrong behavior.
10. Show your humbleness when you behave your boss outside of the office.

11. If there is debate between you and your boss outside the office, you should follow the truth, honesty and justice for debating with boss. Never become angry if your boss feels angry.

12. For entertainment, you can also play game with boss outside the office.



Written by Ashwani Kumar 

Tally.ERP 9 ( Part 68) - Stock Group Vs Stock Category

Saturday, April 06, 2013 / No Comments

With this small video tutorial of Tally.ERP 9 ( Part 68), you will learn the stock group and stock category and its usage in the creation of stock items.

How to Create Payslip in Tally.ERP 9

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This is the 69th part of Tally.ERP 9, with this, you will learn to create payslip in tally.erp 9. Payslip is automatically created. You just create the employee ledger, pay head and salary detail in payroll info. After this, you have to pass payroll voucher entry. After this, you just go to display, then go to payroll reports. In payroll reports, you see payroll statements and in statement, you will find payslip. You can print it or export it.

Ganga Sagar ( Sagar Island ) Travel Guide

Thursday, April 04, 2013 / No Comments

Taking 15 days holidays from this virtual school, I went to West Bengal (India) for getting relaxation from my busy working schedule. In West Bengal, there is a very holy place and its name is Ganga Sagar. We can reach Ganga Sagar after spending 3 to 4 hours from Kolkata. After coming Ganga from Himalya, it absorbed in this Sea. We did holy bathe in it. We spend also some happy time there. We love dogs. So, we give some biscuits to dogs for eating. In this video, we captured some useful clips for those who did not go to Ganga Sagar. You can feel same relaxation from this video.

We used dj_rkod__faster_than_the_Eye_can_perceive music which have creative common free commercial use license. Thanks to its musician.

Travelling Guide

1. After coming Kolkata, you should take the bus service for reaching Ganga Sagar city.

2. Now, get the service of steamer. He will take Rs. 8

3. Now, get the service of Tempo. He will carry you Ganga Sagar Sea where you can bathe. Tempo driver will take Rs. 90 for carrying both sides.

How to Learn to Drive a Boat

Monday, April 01, 2013 / No Comments



To learn to drive boat is not difficult if you have a perfect Guru (Teacher). After this, you have to learn the skill of boat which is operated by hand. There is the following tool which you can use for learning to drive the boat. ( I tried to learn boat in my 15 days holidays from this Online Virtual School  in West Bengal)


1. A wooden Boat
2. A bamboo for driving boat


A) First of all see, how does your master drive the boat with bamboo stick. Bottom part of bamboo stick will be flat like a small plate. He will give the hit the water and your boat will go forward. Every time, your boat will go forward when you will send water through your stick.

B) After learning from Guru, you should do practical. See whether your boat is going forward. If there is anything wrong, see again how did your Guru change the direction of his hand during driving the boat? If you get success, enjoy by opening your hand in the sky. It will increase your confidence. Be positive.

C) Instead learning of boat which is operated by machine, you should learn the boat which is operated by man power because it will be less risky.

 Video Tutorial


English Language Problems and Solutions

Tuesday, March 12, 2013 /
Respected Sir,

I am regular reader of Accounting Education. I have a problem for Reading, Speaking and Writing English.

Is it possible to give me any suggestion for improving my English Language.

Sir, I am a working women and doing job in Accounts Field. Recently I am admitted in MBA Finance. It is more important for me to improving my language.

I know you are busy person. But still if possible give any suggestion for me


Student from India

Dear student,

I have written many contents for improving English  you should read them. These contents will be helpful for you for improving English.

1. http://www.svtuition.org/2009/08/how-can-commerce-students-improve-their.html
2. http://ugcnetonline.svtuition.org/2008/12/tips-for-improving-your-english-with.html
3. http://www.svtuition.org/2009/04/tips-for-improving-accounting-english.html

What is Om

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As per the Vedas, when this earth was created by God, first word yielded and it was Om. As per vedas, it is braham mantra. Gita is also summary of Vedas. In Gita, Shri Krishna has given the word Om for remembering. It will give the freedom from bodies and from bith and death. So, we all should speak and remember the God through Om.

Stock Group Vs Stock Category

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With this small video tutorial of Tally.ERP 9 ( Part 68), you will learn the stock group and stock category and its usage in the creation of stock items.

How to Calculate Income Tax in India - Part 2

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This Sunday, My Mistri's two children came to me for taking my help in the calculation of Income Tax. From 5 years, I did not teach offline, but his father is my good friend. So, I taught him this calculation. Same time, my camera was on. So, This video will also be helpful for this free online virtual school's students. I hope, you will like this.

How to Calculate Income Tax in India 2013 - Part 1

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This Sunday, My Mistri's two children came to me for taking my help in the calculation of Income Tax. From 5 years, I did not teach offline, but his father is my good friend. So, I taught him this calculation. Same time, my camera was on. So, This video will also be helpful for this free online virtual school's students. I hope, you will like this.

How to Connect WIFI in Windows XP on Laptop

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To connect wifi in windows  xp on laptop is very useful when you have to operate internet from different place in same office. After activating wifi on your laptop, you need not to attach wire. So, it will be useful to save wire cost and you can easily change your place. For example, you can go top of the place for working in the front of sun in winter. Radio waves can easily goes from 20 to 50 foot.

Why am I writing this Tutorial?

Reason is very clear. I have laptop and I am expert in windows  XP and I am using window XP more than 10 years. So, my hand is very perfect on window xp. I also do not want to sit on one place in my office. One of most important reason behind that I have spent my two days for learning this. After I succeeded to connect WIFI in window xp on laptop, I just want to share my success. It is very easy and after reading its step, you can also easily connect your WIFI in window xp on your laptop.

Steps to Connect WIFI in Windows XP on Laptop

1st Step : Buy WIFI Router from Market

Just go to market and buy wifi router. Its cost will be Rs. 1500 to Rs. 2000 in India market or contact to your internet service provider.

2nd Step : Install WIFI Drivers

Now, take your motherboard drivers and install wifi drivers in your laptop. But recently, you will not find the wifi drivers for windows  xp because most of laptop are working on windows  7 and windows  8. So, it is very less chance of finding wifi drivers in your windows  xp. This driver name will be WLAN for windows xp.

3rd Step : Search WIFI Drivers if There are not Drivers in Your Mother Board CD

If you did not find WLAN driver for window xp, Just open your internet and search wifi drivers window xp by writing your laptop’s model. In my case, I have bought new laptop of HCL Me XETI 1055. Your laptop’s model may be different. Now, download all the drivers which are best to your laptop model. Now try them on your laptop. If you will succeed, your desktop will show wireless network connection button, just below right side. You can also take help from customer care of the company from where you have bought laptop.

4th Step : Connect WIFI Router with Internet

Now, after installing wifi driver, connect wifi router with internet.

5th Step : Connect Wireless Network by Writing Password

For stopping misuse of wifi, your internet service provider can give you the password. Use this for connecting wireless network on your laptop.

6th Step : Enjoy the Internet in Window XP on Laptop with WIFI

So, go to the anywhere within the range of 20 to 50 foot and enjoy wifi internet.

Watch Following Video Tutorial for Learning it More Deeply.

B.A. Part 1 Date Sheet 2013 Punjabi University

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There are lots of students of Punjab (India)  who are doing B.A. part 1 from punjabi university are very interested to know the date sheet. They are interested to know when will their examination start in 2013. Now, their wait has stopped because recently Punjabi University has started to announce the datesheet. As per our knowledge, punjabi university has announced the datesheet of practical of B.A., B.Com and B.Sc. and soon, it will declare the date sheet of papers of B.A.

For this, please keep touch with punjabi university's official website  and this page also http://punjabiuniversity.ac.in/puexam/pages/datesheet.html

How to Increase Memory Power

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Many Indian students think that their memory is so weak. They think their IQ is not good. It is a rumor. There is not any truth in it. So, today, I have made a simple Hindi Video for solving your problem.

First of all, think me as your doctor. OK,

Now, follow my treatment for one month with full of honesty. After one month give me your result. If your memory will not increase, you can come here in this video and write, "Vinod is speaking lie." I will show this comment by accepting my wrong statement. But you have to follow for one month very honestly. It is sure, you will succeed to increase your memory power.

Learning is Play of Football - Be Positive - by Vinod Kumar

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Do you know what is learning? It is not more than playing of football. Everything, what you learn, is just hit the football by hand on the earth and football return to you. It means, if you will learn, remember and study with positive thinking, you will learn more fastly.


football playing

How to Learn Plastering

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 1. With Positive Thinking

To learn plastering is easy, if you have very positive thinking. For learning plastering the wall, you have to watch the hands of expert for long time. So, if you will be positive long time, plastering will be not big task for you. When you go to your duty of trainee of any expert on the morning time, you should not start to see with negative thinking. If you will do this, you will never learn plastering. Your mind will you say 100 times, that it is difficult and it is out of your potentiality. But you have not think this. You have to keep your attitude positive. Think, everyday, you will get something. So, Everyday, learning is collecting in your brain. This thinking will be helpful for learning plastering fastly. Because everytime, when you think positively about learning the plastering, you will see that your hand will also work better.

2. Love to Learn Plastering

In the video which expert, you are seeing,is very interested to take every risky challenge for doing plaster work because he love it. His brother has given him this skill. When he got tools of plastering, every day, he enjoyed his learning. If you will also enjoy the learning, you will learn the plastering more fastly.

3. Learn from Nature

God's nature is also so beautiful. You can see that God has plaster every nature. Our skin is also plaster on our bones and veins. You can see every plant and tree and its outside skin is its plaster. So, get inspiration from all these things. Leave your tension  negative thinking and weakness of your brain, because God do not like this. bring happiness during learning or seeing the plastering work.

4. Never Doubt on Your Capability 

Try to best. If you are wrong, see where is my mistake. Do struggle. Never doubt on your capability. Your successful learning of plastering is just few steps far. Come and achieve.

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WIFI is not Working

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If your WIFI is not working. You are responsible for this. You did not buy good WIFI router or you did install wifi drivers or you did not do proper setting.  Ok, now, we did not give up. So, following is video tutorial for fixing it.

What is the Benefit of Biometrics Device

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Recently, one of my student showed his picture near Biometrics Device. I asked its benefit and he said,
"In this device I register the id of Employees & Finger Print. When they come in the morning & at the time of ending their duty they keep their finger on this device to register their Attendance."

How to Use Laptop

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Recently, I have bought HCL ME XITE L 1055 laptop with Rs. 25000 (approximately). Today, I am interested to learn what ports are attached with this laptop. After learning, I got amazing information which I want to share with you.

a) In modern laptop, you can operate live projector through HDMI port or you can operate came-coder through laptop. HDMI means high defintion multimedia interface.

b) You can can also use extra monitor through VGA Port. VGA means video graphics array. In these port, there are 15 pin which are helpful to attach 2nd monitor.

c) You can also find 6 in 1 card reader which is useful for transferring data of video cards in laptop hard-disk.

d) There are 4 usb ports which you can use for attaching new keyboard, mouse, pan drive and extra hard-disk.

Recommended Purpose of Class : This class teaches students about the useful ports of any laptop.

Tuition on Facebook

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Recently, I met a student on facebook. Through chat and message, he asked question from me. I gave tuition to him through facebook. So, read what I taught.

Sir 18000 ko 1:2 sales ratio krnge to pre incorporation nd post 6000 nd 12000 kse a rha hai

Vinod Kumar

Ok, study the accounting examples, refer more than one accounting book. This question is from corporate accounting


Paper name is accountancy paper 2 nd nothing written

Sir uska solution to btaiye

Vinod Kumar

18000 X 1/3 = 6000

18000 X 2/3 = 12000


Bt the ratio is 1/2

Vinod Kumar

no ratio is 1:2

means 1/3 : 2/3

1 : 2 means 1 is out 1+2 not out of 2


Nt undrstNd

Actually 50000:100000 or 1:2 i m calculating this

Vinod Kumar

for example you have 18 apples. You and you have one brother. You and your brother divide in the ratio of 1:2. It means you will get 18 X 1/3 and your brother will get 18 X 2/3

if 1: 1 it means 50% : 50% why

means if ratio is 1: 1, then 9 apple you will eat and 9 apple your brother will eat

So, 1:1 is also 1/2 and 1/2 proportion

I think you will understand what i am saying

Above demo is given which will show how can you teach through facebook chat.

What is OTP in Credit Card Transactions

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(A) Odd Transaction Password

(B) Owner's Trading Passcode

(C) One Time Password

(D) One Time Pincode

Correct Answer : ( C) 

Explanation :  OTP is one time password which is used in credit card transactions. It means, it will only valid in one login.  If user will login next time, a new password is given on its mobile device.

Which One of the Following is Not a Measure of Dispersion

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(A) Quartile

(B) Range

(C) Mean Deviation

(D) Standard Deviation

Correct Answer :  (A) 

Explanation : Quartile is not a measure of dispersion because it is the measure of central tendency. 2nd quartile is equal to median. Only range, mean deviation, standard deviation are the measure of dispersion.

Window Dressing is Prohibited Due to

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(A) Conservation Convention

(B) Convention of Disclosure

(C) Convention of Materiality

(D) Arrear of Book Accounts

Correct Answer : (B) 

Explanation : As per convention of disclosure, accountant should show the correct information in the books of account. Same information should be disclosed by him. In  window dressing, accountant or businessman changes the information in accounting records for getting benefits from outside parties. So, as per convention of disclosure, it should be prohibited.

Which One of the Following Concepts is Used as Fund in the Preparationof Fund Flow Statement?

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(A) Current Assets

(B) Working Capital

(C) Cash

(D) All Financial Resources

Correct Answer : (D)

Explanation : Fund flow statement is the statement which shows the resources and application of fund. So, all financial resources will include in its list of sources of funds. So, instead of showing a,b or c, d is the best answer.

Environment Degradation does not Consist of

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(A) Land degradation and soil erosion

(B) Problem of overgrazing and ecological degradation

(C) Floods

(D) None of the above

Correct Answer :  (D)

Explanation :  Environment degradation means negative progress of environment due to decrease of natural resources. We are all human being are consuming the natural resources for own benefits. So, its dangerous effect will be happen. So, floods, land degradation, soil erosion and problem of overgrazing and ecological degradation are the main effect. So, all these things will include in environment degradation. But given question is just opposite. So, D is the best answer.

Which One is not an Element of Internal Environment?

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(A) Marketing capability

(B) Operational Capability

(C ) Money and Capital Market

(D) Personal Capability


Correct Answer  : ( C)


Explanation : Money and Capital Market  is not an element of internal environment because we are study the factors which affect the business. If our operational capability, marketing capability and personal capability are favorable for us,  we will get success in business. Money and capital market is not in the hand of one business organisation. So, it is not the part of internal environment.

Which One is Not the Main Objective of Fiscal Policy in India?

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(A) To increase liquidity in the economy.

(B) To promote price stability.

(C) To minimize the inequalities of income and wealth.

(D) To promote employment opportunities.

Ans  : (A) 

Explanation : To increase liquidity in the economy  is not the main objectives of fiscal policy of India because there are lots of factors which are not under control of Indian Govt. Moreover, fiscal policy is made just for better utilization of financial resources of Government of India.

How to Change Hair Color in Photoshop

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Advance learning of photoshop is very necessary to work in media industry. Because my online educational industry works in media industry, so, I am very interested to learn photoshop and teach it to you. Today, I will teach you, how can you change the hair color in photoshop.

You know that our hair affects our personality. When you see an Indian with white hair, you feel that he is old. When you see a brown hair color, you feel him as young person. But in photoshop, we can change any color and see the changes in the personality.  Now, come to the point.

In the following tutorial,  you will learn  how to change hair color in photoshop? This is very simple tutorial who have started to learn photoshop from beginning. In this video, I have changed hair with soft light effect and brush tool. Following are its steps.

1. Open the Photoshop

Open the photoshop and import a picture of a man or woman whose hair color your want to change. 

2. Create New Layer 

You will right side layer pop up box. In the below, you see small button and its name is creation of new layer. Click it and you will see a new layer.

3. Change the Layer Style

You have to change layer style from normal to soft light. Now go to left side color box and choose any color which you want to show on the hair of your picture.

4. Fill New Color with Brush Tool

With the help of brush tool, you have to fill same color on the hair of your picture.  You can change the size and opacity of your brush tool. After filling, you will see the hair color will be different than original picture.

Learn through Video 

List of My Successful Offline Students

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From 5 years, I am teaching online but before online teaching. So, I can not tell who became what? Before this, I had taught 10 years offline line. So, I am searching where my offline students has reached. Today, I am happy to share the story of my successful offline students. I feel proud that I am teacher of all these students. All these students from Punjab (India) because I taught offline in Punjab State.

1. Kuljit Kaur 

I taught english to Kuljit Kaur daughter of Sr. Nidhan Singh. Now, she has become Constable in Punjab Police. Now, his duty is in Fazilka (Punjab).

2. Aman Sharma 

I taught Computer Science to Aman Sharma. Now, he has become Army Officer in Jammu and Kashmir Border Security Force.

3. Rupinder Singh

I taught him English. Now, he became Army Officer in Indian Army. He is doing his duty at Dehradun (Uttarakhand).

4. Jatinder Singh 

I taught him English. Now, he became Army Officer in Indian Army. He is doing his duty in Jammu (J & K).

5. Gaurav Sharma 

I taught Accounting to Gaurav Sharma. He has become Accountant in Infosys Company. Now, he is doing service in Jaipur (Rajesthan).

6.  Ish Kumar 

I taught him maths. He has become Customer Care Executive in IBM in Chandigarh ( Punjab).

7.  Narinder Kumar  

I taught him maths. Now, he is doing government service in PWD Punjab.

8. Davinder Kumar  

I taught him accounting. Now, he became accountant in a reputed educational college (Punjab).

9. Vikas 

I taught maths to Vikas. Now, he is Channel Partner of Edelweiss Stock Broking · Varanasi,  (UP), India

10.  Pragati 

I taught maths to Pragati. Recently, I come to know that he completed his BCA and doing work in Technowin Solutions Pvt. Ltd as Attendance IT Supervisor · Kanpur, Uttar Pradesh.


This is uncompleted list. There are lots of my taught students who are doing different professions and business but I do not know more information due to lack of communication. Their old given contact nos. are not working. But, still, I have the address of their residential home. I will update this list. I hope, you will get motivation from this list. I am also sorry, if I forget any of my  successful student but not in this list. Please contact me. I will surely add in this list.

Introduction of Functions in Mathematics

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functionIn calculus, if you want to learn limit, you should learn function in mathematics. Function in mathematics shows the relationship of set of input with set of output. In general, when we celeberate any part, we invite our relatives and friend in the function. We think with this, our relation will become strong. In mathematics, we also identify our input's real related output. In above video, you will understand the function with examples.

Input of the function will be the domain and output of function will be co-domain. By solving the co-domain, we have to calculate the value of  Domain of Function .

Watch all Maths Videos at http://svtuition.com/watch/ 

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How to Get Government Job in India

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In Government job, your future will be secure. You will also get the financial independence. So, you have to try to get government job.

Today, to get Government job is not so easy. For getting government job in India, you have to do hard work. You also get success in competitive examinations. For clearing Government job interviews, you have to increase your self-confidence. You also start to fight against corruption.

How to Get Government Job in India

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In Government job, your future will be secure. You will also get the financial independence. So, you have to try to get government job. Today, to get Government job is not so easy. For getting government job in India, you have to do hard work. You also get success in competitive examinations. For clearing Government job interviews, you have to increase your self-confidence. You also start to fight against corruption.

Times of Taxing – 1 – ELSS or RGESS? - Written by Udaya Chandran

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It is the time for most of the salaried persons and of course others who comes in the tax bracket, whose income exceeds Rs.2 Lakhs. All the tax payers want to utilize the exemptions to minimize their tax liability. Usually, they plan only at the last minute, in the months January - March. One of the popular and most important exemption opportunities is under section 80C of the Income Tax Act, which allows up to Rs.1 Lakh for exemption.

Those who have some exposure in equity would have invested in Equity Linked Savings Schemes (ELSS) offered by many Mutual Funds Institutions earlier. Investment up to Rs.1 Lakh is allowed as exemption under section 80C that is invested in these ELSS Funds. The invested amount usually locked in for three years. Though the scheme still exists in Mutual Funds Institutions, it is questionable if one has to invest in ELSS in the coming years to claim exemption under Section 80C because Direct Tax Code (DTC) may be implemented any time sooner or later which has no provisions for ELSS to claim exemption.

Though ELSS may not have a place in DTC, the Finance Department has introduced Rajiv Gandhi Equity Savings Scheme (RGESS) which allows the first time investors in equity to claim exemption under section 80C. Since the exemption is applicable to only first time investors in equity, the existing investors can't claim exemption under this scheme who had earlier invested in equity.

The first time investors who can invest up to Rs.50,000/- in RGESS and claim exemption of 50% of amount invested, maximum of Rs.25,000/-. Investors who are investing directly in equity are to open DEMAT Account and invest in eligible ETFs. They can also invest in REGSS Mutual Funds to claim the exemption. Investment made in RGESS Mutual Funds doesn’t need DEMAT Account. As in the ELSS, the same lock-in period of three years is applicable to this scheme also. The invested money will get locked in for three years and can be exempted after the lock-in period. This exemption is available only once.

Once this exemption is claimed in any financial year, no further claim is allowed. Apart from many fixed income schemes under the section 80C, Investors who want to invest in equity can opt for this scheme. This could be better a option in the absence of ELSS though the exemption limit is only up to Rs.25,000.

About Guest Teacher 

Udaya Chandran has a post graduate degree in commerce. He is working as an Accountant in a Pvt Ltd Company. He has interest in Investments, Accounts, Tax and writing blogs.

How to Encourage a Student to Study

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If you genuinely love teaching, and want to grow your students, you can try to encourage a student to study with you using the following steps. Although these are simple steps, these hints should help give you some ideas to begin winning student's  heart.

Accounting Transaction Examples

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I have given following video lecture in which I have explained the Accounting of the transaction with examples. I hope you will understand these accounting transaction examples.

Which is Better Phd in Commerce or Phd in Management

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Good evening  Sir,
Hope  you  will be  fine,
Sir I wanna do Phd  which line will be best for my future ie (management or commerce).

Thank you and
Waiting 4 ur valuable reply...

Rais Jafar  from India

It is on you and your interest. Both field are good and related each other. It is also dependent on the post graduate degree. If you have done both M.Com and MBA, then you should any one on basis of your interest for solving the problem. For example, my interest was to research on the practical problems which are given my online students. So, I did not get any Phd, I just offer to my online students that I am available for providing free solution to you. I am not Phd Scholar but a master of Commerce. If you are interested for getting answer from my research, then thank you and wait. You have written your problem on Sat,17 Dec 2011 18:32:09 and today, I am providing you the solution. So, every research need time. If your interest will be in any problem of commerce, you will not care the time. So, write your interest first on the blank page. Then, research the main problems in any one of two huge areas of education.

Best Import and Export Course

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Dear Sir,

I am B.Com Graduate March - 2008 from Mumbai University 70.5%. Currenty working in retail shops account department. I want to know the best import and export course for career orientation.

Kindly reply me!

Rajesh Korpe from India

There are lots of career orientated courses relating to import and export. You can get master degree in this. There are lots of Indian universities in which you can get admission for doing MBA in Import and Export management. You can also get one year diploma in import and export management. For this, you have to contact the management of Indian institute of export and import management whose official website is http://www.iieim.org/

How can I Manipulate Transaction in Tally

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Dear Sir

Thank you for your interesting method of teaching tally. I have a problem in tally 9 accounting which I have tried too much but could not solve.

For example, the company A  sold merchandise to company B on credit and cash for Rs. 1500. The cost of goods sold is 1000. How can I manipulate this transaction in tally 9 because there are two entries in this transactions one is sale and the other is cost of goods sold.


Tanweer Ali

Dear Tanweer Ali, there is no need to record cost of goods sold in tally when you buy goods and passed purchase entry. You just pass the entry of sale. Tally will calculate automatically the cost of goods sold. After comparing, it will also tell you the gross profit.

Journal Entry for Conversion of Bonds

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Bonds or  debentures are the main debt of any company. If bonds are converted into share capital, at time, it is necessary to pass the journal entry. Following video tutorial will teach you about what and how will you pass the journal entry for conversion of bonds.


First Video Lecture



2nd Video Lecture


Why People Conduct Study

Saturday, February 02, 2013 /
Hallo Sir, I want to ask, " Why do people conduct study on education?"
Tita Nening Gelilang Jaro from Philippines

Following are main reasons behind this.

1. First and important reason, "It is useful for finding new ways for providing education. With deep innovation, education may become fun.

2. It may also be helpful for improving teacher's skill.

3. It is also helpful for people to know different forms, methods, techniques  of education.

4. More study people will do, they will get know more better communication. Every educational book is written by any expert educationist. So, it will always be benefited for researcher.

Business Transactions Solutions

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A company has applied for a bank loan on February 04, 2009. It was approved on March 03 of the same year, but the proceeds of such loan were credited to the company's bank account only on may 01. the loan was payable in four equal annual installments of 500,000 starting June 01,2010. It also incurs interest at half of 1% every month (based on the total principal) starting may 01, 2009. The interest is payable at the same time as the annual installments  The company's operations are based on a calendar year.

1. If the financial statements were to be prepared for the year 2009, what amount would appear as interest expense in the entity's statements of income and expenses?

2. Using the information in no.1 what would appear as non-current portion of the loan payable account for a statement of financial position prepared as of December 31, 2009?

Following questions are not related to above statement.

3. A company had total assets of 1,500,000 as of January 01, 2010. For the year 2010, its liabilities have increase by 400,000, its owner invested an additional 100,000 and withdrew 50,000 and it had a net loss at 230,000. As of December 31, 2010, it must have had total assets equal to?

4. A company's statement of changes in owner's equity showed a beginning balance of 250,000, an additional investments of 30,000, a withdrawal of 40,000, and an ending balance of 225,000. The company's results of operations for the year must have been?

Miko De Leon From Philippines

Miko De Leon, I am trying to solve your accounting questions one by one.

1.Financial year had not been mentioned in this question. So, suppose, company closes its accounts on the end of 31st Dec. 2009. So, if half of  1% interest is of end of every month. 8  month interest will be outstanding and will be shown in the expenses side of income and expense statement.

Total Loan = 5,00,000 X 4 = 20,00,000

8 Months Interest Outstanding = 20,00,000 X 0.5% X 8 =  80,000

2. We show 15,00,000 as non current liability and 5,00,000 as Current liability in the balance sheet of a company.

3.  Ans. 17,20,000

Given total assets = total liabilities

+New investment = +fresh capital increase

-Cash decrease with Withdraw = -Decrease in Capital

- Assets Decreased due to Net Loss = - Decrease in Capital due to loss

4. Net Loss = 15000

Beginning of Capital +Fresh Capital - Drawing - Ending balance of Capital

Interview Questions for Auditors Position

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I am going to join an audit firm.  So please advice or suggest such points for a auditor like interview Questions, and how work. I have very less audit experience.

Riyaz Shafi from India (1/29/2013 11:31:52)

Riyaz Shafi!

Position of any auditor is very important in any firm or company. He not just audits the accounts of firm but he also suggests useful ideas for increasing the financial position of company. If employer will be honest, he will ask the questions from you relating to your field.

He can ask following questions  and you can give its appropriate answers.

Q:- 1. What have you learned from your past jobs that related to Auditor?

Ans. I have learned so many things with my past auditor jobs. I audited so many companies, banks and schools. From these audits, I know, there are so many loopholes of accounting. I can help your organisations to secure all these loopholes of accounting. I also met so many honest and experienced accountants and learned so many things from them.

Q:- 2. Where would you like to be in 3 years? 5 years?

ANs. I want to grow my auditor's profession. I feel myself as actor. When an actor plays the role of any personality. He starts to play the role of other personality in next film. So, like an actor, I want to grow my profession. I also  want to become just honest and dedicated auditor. I am also seeing every auditing project as my challenge. In next 3 years or 5 years, I want to follow the principle of honesty, truth and dedication.

Q:- 3. What are key tasks for Auditor?

Ans. A) To track each entry with its transaction bills.

B) To know the variance between given accounting data and physical data.

C) To know the accuracy of financial reports

D) Check the Cash in hand and Cash at bank more deeply.
E) Check financial statements.
F) See whether firm is following the provisions of all laws.

Q:- 4. What are top 3 skills for Auditor?


• Effective Document Use
• Numerical Skill
• Critical Thinking