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4 Tips for First Lecture

Ive just started my teaching degree and I am chartered certified accountant.
Next week I have my first lecture in front of 28 mature students.
I am very nervous and thinking of giving up even though I have planned and prepared every last detail of the lecture
How would you overcome these nerves?

ABC  (Name is Confidential due to Privacy)  from Uk

Dear ABC,

Not you but to give the lecture first time to mature students is not simple. But, you can remove your nervous by raising your confidence. Think what the mature students will say if you do mistake. Mistakes are our power. When you will do mistake,  your will learn something new. Never take the tension for doing the mistake in first lecture.

I can give some tips to you for overcoming on your nervous :

1st Tip : Practice, Practice and Practice 

Practice makes man perfect. You have full week. You have 7 days. You have 168 hours. You have 10,080 minutes. You have 604800 seconds. You have 604800000 millisecond. You have 604800000000 microsecond. You have 604800000000000 nanosecond. When you will utilize every nanosecond for becoming perfect lecturer. No one student can match his eye with you. Because you did not waste your every nanosecond. You can see all the lectures of great lectures on the youtube. Try to learn their style of lecture. Repeat you lecture  in loud voice.

2nd Tip :  Concentrate on Small part of the topic

Instead of covering whole topic, concentrate on the small part of the topic. Give the lecture on this. It is wonderful tip for removing the nervous because more micro teaching, you will start in the first lecture, you can get more confidence.

3rd Tip : Discuss the Problems with Students

After coming of internet technology, today college students are so smart. They know everything but they need teacher only for motivation. Just go to college and ask the main problems of students. Feel as your are not lecturer, you are the friend who want to help. I think, your students will also feel, you as the part of their community.

4th Tip : Study at Our Learning Teaching Resource Center

After hard work, we have made the learning teaching resource center only for you. In this center, you will learn, how to teach any topic, any subject, any class and any student and lots of teaching tip. You can study at here 
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