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For an Efficient and Durable Learning, Learner should Have

(A) Ability to learn only

(B) Requisite level of motivation only

(C) Opportunities to learn only

(D) Desired level of ability and motivation

Correct Answer : (D) 


Every learner learn something new on the basis of his past ability and on the basis of motivation from anything or any person. Both are needed for an efficient and durable learning. Lack of any one of ability and motivation, learner will not learn long time. For learning, it is not necessary that we will get the opportunities. For example, you want to learn singing, it is not necessary, you will get expert teacher of singing but if you have some god gift of singing, it will be your ability for becoming perfect in it. For this, if someone motivate to you to practice, it will be very useful and one day you will become perfect singer.

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