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How to Check Whether Your IP is static or Dynamic

Yesterday, I was discussing with my friend on Google Talk. During the talk, I got very important and useful information which I want to share with you.

There is the power of a website holder to block any ip address for visiting. Some advance security software can easily block only dynamic IP address. They do not block static IP Address. So, it was very important for me to find whether my IP is Static or Dynamic and same he taught me.

1. Just Go to Google

2. Write my IP.

3. You will find your IP in the first search result. Note it on the copy.

4. Now, restart your computer. Switch Off your Modem.

5. Now, after restarting, again go to Google. Search by writing "my IP"

6. You will see the result.

7. Compare it with your old IP. If both are same, then your IP is static. If both are different, it means, your IP is Dynamic.

Important to Know:

Dynamic IP changes when we switch off the computer and modem because these are shared IP. If you are using internet for your individual purpose with cost upto Rs. 1500 per month. Your IP will surely be dynamic. If you are big company or have big online business. Your IP will be static because minimum internet cost with Static IP is Rs. 5000.

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