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How to Transfer File from USB to Android Tablet



To transfer data from USB to Android tablet is very very easy. But if you do not know its correct steps, you will waste your diamond time. For saving your diamond time, I have made this video for teaching the correct and simple steps.

1st Step 


Start your Tablet. I am using HCL, tablet, you may use any other.

2nd Step 


Attach your USB, USB may your pan drive or mobile drive whose data, you want to save in your android tablet.

3rd Step 


Press File manager in the home page of tablet.

4th Step 


Press Udisk

5th Step 


Press the file for some movement to whom you want to transfer from USB to tablet.

6th Step 


You will see pop up copy option.

7th Step 


Press on the copy option.

8th Step 


Go to local or your tablet hard drive.

9th Step 

Press in any file.

10th Step 


You will see paste option. Press on paste. Your file will be transferred from USB to tablet. Now, leave your USB and enjoy to open file by opening it through related apps.

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