Interaction Inside the Classroom should Generate

(A) Argument

(B) Information

(C) Ideas

(D) Controversy

Correct Answer : (C) 

Explanation : 

When you as teacher gives the opportunity to your students to talk and interact, you should not allow to give argument. Teacher should also not motivate for controversy. Because in this world, there is no end of argument and controversy. Every person lives in different philosophy and society. Teacher's  aim is to teach. So,  he should motivate students for generating new ideas. In end, I will say, ideas is the best answer instead of information.

Vinod Kumar


Prof. Vinod Kumar is an Indian Educator, Motivational Speaker, Naturopathic Practitioner and Entrepreneur . He is the founder of Svtuition... read more »


  1. ideas can be negative and positive. if a teacher is interacting with students or teaching, she should be there for information that to correct information.