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On the basis of the data given in the following table, give answers to following questions

S. No.Items 2007-082008-092009-102010-11
Social Services11.0612.9413.0614.02
aEducation, sports and youth affairs4.024.043.964.46
bHealth and family welfare2.051.911.92.03
cWater supply, housing etc.2.022.312.22.27
dInformation and broadcasting0.
eWelfare to SC/ST and OBC0.360.350.410.63
fLabour and employment0.
gSocial welfare and nutrition0.820.720.791.06
hNorth-eastern areas01.561.51.75
iother social services1.291.551.871.34
Total Government Expenditure100100100100

1. How many activities in the social services are there where the expenditure has been less than 5% of the total expenditures incurred on the social services in 2008-09?

(A) One

(B) Three

(C) Five

(D) All the above  - Correct Answer

2. In which year, the expenditure on the social services have increased at the highest rate?

(A) 2007 -08

(B) 2008-09  - Correct Answer

(C) 2009-10

(D) 2010-11


Increasing rate

3. Which of the following activities remains almost stagnant in terms of share of expenditures?

(A) North-eastern areas

(B) Welfare to SC/ST and OBC

(C) Information and broadcasting  - Correct Answer

(D) Social welfare and nutrition

4. Which of the following items of social services has registered the highest rate of increase in expenditures during 2007-08 to 2010-11.

(A) Education, sports and youth affairs

(B) Welfare to SC/ST and OBC

(C) Social Welfare and nutrition

(D) Overall social services  - Correct Answer

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