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The Type of Communication that the Teacher has in the Classroom, thetermed as

(A) Interpersonal

(B) Mass Communication

(C) Group Communication

(D) Face-to-face communication

Answer : (C)

Explanation : We can reach to the correct answer, if we know the basics of all above communication.

In interpersonal communication is the communication between the two students. It may be the communication between two teachers. Both are dependent on each other. By communicating, they share their knowledge. They get new ideas. This communication may be among few students. So, teaching in classroom, teacher is not dependent on the knowledge of his students.

In mass communication, we use advance media like newspaper, internet, radio and TV. So, teaching in classroom may not need to use it.

In Face-to-face communication, one man communication to other man on his face.

In end, I say that the type of communication that the teacher has in the classroom, is termed as group communication.


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