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How to Change Hair Color in Photoshop

Advance learning of photoshop is very necessary to work in media industry. Because my online educational industry works in media industry, so, I am very interested to learn photoshop and teach it to you. Today, I will teach you, how can you change the hair color in photoshop.

You know that our hair affects our personality. When you see an Indian with white hair, you feel that he is old. When you see a brown hair color, you feel him as young person. But in photoshop, we can change any color and see the changes in the personality.  Now, come to the point.

In the following tutorial,  you will learn  how to change hair color in photoshop? This is very simple tutorial who have started to learn photoshop from beginning. In this video, I have changed hair with soft light effect and brush tool. Following are its steps.

1. Open the Photoshop

Open the photoshop and import a picture of a man or woman whose hair color your want to change. 

2. Create New Layer 

You will right side layer pop up box. In the below, you see small button and its name is creation of new layer. Click it and you will see a new layer.

3. Change the Layer Style

You have to change layer style from normal to soft light. Now go to left side color box and choose any color which you want to show on the hair of your picture.

4. Fill New Color with Brush Tool

With the help of brush tool, you have to fill same color on the hair of your picture.  You can change the size and opacity of your brush tool. After filling, you will see the hair color will be different than original picture.

Learn through Video 

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