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List of My Successful Offline Students


From 5 years, I am teaching online but before online teaching. So, I can not tell who became what? Before this, I had taught 10 years offline line. So, I am searching where my offline students has reached. Today, I am happy to share the story of my successful offline students. I feel proud that I am teacher of all these students. All these students from Punjab (India) because I taught offline in Punjab State.

1. Kuljit Kaur 

I taught english to Kuljit Kaur daughter of Sr. Nidhan Singh. Now, she has become Constable in Punjab Police. Now, his duty is in Fazilka (Punjab).

2. Aman Sharma 

I taught Computer Science to Aman Sharma. Now, he has become Army Officer in Jammu and Kashmir Border Security Force.

3. Rupinder Singh

I taught him English. Now, he became Army Officer in Indian Army. He is doing his duty at Dehradun (Uttarakhand).

4. Jatinder Singh 

I taught him English. Now, he became Army Officer in Indian Army. He is doing his duty in Jammu (J & K).

5. Gaurav Sharma 

I taught Accounting to Gaurav Sharma. He has become Accountant in Infosys Company. Now, he is doing service in Jaipur (Rajesthan).

6.  Ish Kumar 

I taught him maths. He has become Customer Care Executive in IBM in Chandigarh ( Punjab).

7.  Narinder Kumar  

I taught him maths. Now, he is doing government service in PWD Punjab.

8. Davinder Kumar  

I taught him accounting. Now, he became accountant in a reputed educational college (Punjab).

9. Vikas 

I taught maths to Vikas. Now, he is Channel Partner of Edelweiss Stock Broking · Varanasi,  (UP), India

10.  Pragati 

I taught maths to Pragati. Recently, I come to know that he completed his BCA and doing work in Technowin Solutions Pvt. Ltd as Attendance IT Supervisor · Kanpur, Uttar Pradesh.


This is uncompleted list. There are lots of my taught students who are doing different professions and business but I do not know more information due to lack of communication. Their old given contact nos. are not working. But, still, I have the address of their residential home. I will update this list. I hope, you will get motivation from this list. I am also sorry, if I forget any of my  successful student but not in this list. Please contact me. I will surely add in this list.

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