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Notes Professional programme CS

Following are the notes of professional programme cs.

Level of knowledge : Expert knowledge.Objectives :(i) To provide conceptual clarity about the management tools
and techniques used in financial planning, analysis, control
and decision making.
(ii) To provide knowledge of derivatives, forex and treasury
management to enable the candidates to tackle practical
situation with ease.
Detailed contents :
(A) Financial Management

1. Financial Management Basics

2. Capital Budgeting Decisions

3. Capital Structure Decisions

4. Sources of Finance

5. Dividend Policy

  • Dividend 

  • Types of Dividend

  • Meaning of Dividend Policy

  •  Determinants of Dividend Policy

  • Constraints of Dividend Policy

  • Different dividend theories

  • Walter’s Model

  •  Gordon’s Model

  • Modigliani-Miller Hypothesis of dividend irrelevance

  • Forms of dividend;

  • Practical considerations of dividend policy

  • Legal constraints of Dividend Policy

  • Corporate dividend practices in India; statutory framework

 6. Working Capital Management and Control

7. Security Analysis and Portfolio Management

  •   Security analysis

  •   Fundamental approach, technical approach of Capital Market

  •  Efficient capital market theory

  •   Portfolio management - meaning,

  •  Objectives of Portfolio Management

  •  Portfolio theory – traditional approach; modern approach

  •  CAPM model.

8. Financial Services

  •  Meaning of financial services

  •  Significance of financial services

  •  Scope of financial services

  •  Types of financial services

  •  Merchant banking,

  •  Leasing and hire purchase

  •  Venture capital

  •  Mutual funds

  •  Factoring and forfeiting

  •  Securitization of debt

  •  Loan syndication

  •  Custodial and corporate advisory services

  •  Credit rating

9. Project Planning and Control

  •  Meaning of Project Planning

  • Preparation of project report;

  •  Project appraisal

  •  Under normal, inflationary and deflationary conditions

  •  Project appraisal by financial institutions

  •   Lending policies

  •  Appraisal norms by financial institutions and banks;

  •  Loan documentation

  •  Loan syndication

  •  Project review and control;

  • Social cost and benefit analysis of project

10. Derivatives and Commodity Exchanges

  •  Concept of derivatives

  •   Financial derivatives

  •  Commodity derivatives

  •  Types of derivatives

  •   Forward contracts

  •  Futures contracts

  •  Options

  •  Participants in futures and options market

  •   Index based derivatives

  •  Security based derivatives;

  •  Derivatives and exposure management

  • Currency forwards

  • Currency futures

  • Currency options

  •  Currency swaps

  •  Interest rate risk management

  •  Derivative markets in India

  •  Commodity exchanges in India

(B) Treasury Management
1.  Meaning of  Treasury Management
2.  Functions of Treasury Management
3.  Objectives of Treasury Management
4.  Scope of Treasury Management
5.  Relationship between TM and FM
6.  Role and responsibilities of chief finance executive
7.  Tools of treasury management
8.  Internal treasury controls
9.  Environment for treasury management
10. Role of information technology in treasury management
11. Liquidity management
12. Regulation, supervision and control of treasury operations
13. Implications of treasury on international banking
14. Recent Developments of Treasury Management
(C) Forex Management
1. Meaning and Nature of Forex Management
2. Significance of Forex Management 
3. Scope of Forex management;
4.  foreign exchange market 
5. Structure Forex Market
6. Foreign exchange rates
7.  Determination of Forex Rates
8. Exchange rate quotes;
9.  Types of exchange rates;
10. Forex trading;
11. Currency futures and options;
12. Foreign exchange risk exposures and their management;
13. Exchange rate forecasting;
14. Risk in foreign exchange business.
15. Recent Development of Forex Management

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