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English Language Problems and Solutions

Respected Sir,

I am regular reader of Accounting Education. I have a problem for Reading, Speaking and Writing English.

Is it possible to give me any suggestion for improving my English Language.

Sir, I am a working women and doing job in Accounts Field. Recently I am admitted in MBA Finance. It is more important for me to improving my language.

I know you are busy person. But still if possible give any suggestion for me


Student from India

Dear student,

I have written many contents for improving English  you should read them. These contents will be helpful for you for improving English.

1. http://www.svtuition.org/2009/08/how-can-commerce-students-improve-their.html
2. http://ugcnetonline.svtuition.org/2008/12/tips-for-improving-your-english-with.html
3. http://www.svtuition.org/2009/04/tips-for-improving-accounting-english.html

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