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How to Behave with Boss outside the Office

1. When we meet boss outside the office, we should talk with love. We should also always say good day.
2. If he comes to your home to meet you, ask for water or eating food. If you meet outside your home, you can ask him to come your home.
3. You can start informal communication outside the office. For example, you can ask more clarification of the problem which you are not understanding in official language.
4. Outside of the office, you can share your good thoughts with your boss.
5. Try to make your boss out side office as your best friend. Try to solve the personal problems of boss outside of the office.
6. If you pocket allows after personal budget, you can give good gift on his birthday.
7. If you are doing any social or not profit activities, share his activities to your boss outside of the office.
8. Instead of speaking, try to listen the voice of boss outside of the office. It is good manner.
9. If your boss is sitting outside anywhere, you should never cross his chair. It is wrong behavior. For example, your boss is sitting on the chair near table. If space will low, your leg may hit to boss’s leg which will show your wrong behavior.
10. Show your humbleness when you behave your boss outside of the office.

11. If there is debate between you and your boss outside the office, you should follow the truth, honesty and justice for debating with boss. Never become angry if your boss feels angry.

12. For entertainment, you can also play game with boss outside the office.



Written by Ashwani Kumar 

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