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How to Learn to Drive a Boat

 To learn to drive boat is not difficult if you have a perfect Guru (Teacher). After this, you have to learn the skill of boat which is operated by hand. There is the following tool which you can use for learning to drive the boat. ( I tried to learn boat in my 15 days holidays from this Online Virtual School  in West Bengal)

1. A wooden Boat
2. A bamboo for driving boat

A) First of all see, how does your master drive the boat with bamboo stick. Bottom part of bamboo stick will be flat like a small plate. He will give the hit the water and your boat will go forward. Every time, your boat will go forward when you will send water through your stick.

B) After learning from Guru, you should do practical. See whether your boat is going forward. If there is anything wrong, see again how did your Guru change the direction of his hand during driving the boat? If you get success, enjoy by opening your hand in the sky. It will increase your confidence. Be positive.

C) Instead learning of boat which is operated by machine, you should learn the boat which is operated by man power because it will be less risky.

 Video Tutorial

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