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List of Weakness of Employees

Today, I started the project to make the list of weakness of employees. Before making the list, I want to tell that I have not any jealousy or fight with any employee. The main reason behind making this list is my experience. Moreover, I want to help to employer or businessman who appoints the employees. After reading this list, they can take good decision.

1. Selfishness :- 

I think, this is the first weakness of any employee. They think only their and their family benefit. They do not think the benefit of boss.

Following is its example

I and my employee decided to visit any place. I have paid all his and his family's whole ticket. I brought him because I think, he is my employee and he will help me in my work during travelling. During the time of visiting place, we have decided to visit only one place in same city because we have no time. Now, my employee told me that he can see all the places because he came with him for entertaining. I told, if you are coming here with your family for entertaining, you can go, I am going to home. He was ready to going alone without me because he was giving more preference to his family. If he was to give more preference to his family, why did he come with me and why did he use my money for going to that place. This was the big question. In end, I decided that selfishness of employee is the main weakness. So, I have included in this list.

2. No Importance of Time 

I faced so many employees who give no importance to time. They gave me promise to come on the time. But, they do not come on the time by saying false story. I remembered, when I was an employee. I did not waste my boss's one second because I know the value of time of my boss. So, wasting of time by employee is the weakness of an employee.

3. Lack of Commitment

There are lots of employee who have lack of commitment. They do not work what they committed. So, Boss like me feels sad. This is also main weakness of any employee.

4. Do not Do if They Get Advance Money

Except few employees, there are lots of employee who do not do work when they get advance money. So, never give any advance money to any employee if you have not any faith.

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