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Few years ago, every Sunday, I saw the vartman cartoon serial on Doordarshan. This was just for 15 minutes but message of this was great. One of great hero name was Vartman. Villain of Story was Sankat. Sankat tried best to give fear of past and future. But, Vartman won by thinking only present.

Today, our motivational lecture is on this topic. We should not take the tension of Past and Future. We should always live in present. Meaning of Present in hindi is Vartman. When we start to live in present, our 99% problems will solve. Today life is your life. Live it with full of fun and enjoy. No one know what will happen in future. Our past is just like a dead body. Why we open our dead body by remembering the mistakes of our past history. Forget what happened in past. Start a new life from this present.

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