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How to Make Youth Group Fun

We are providing you some useful tips for making youth group fun. Hope, you will act up these tips for bringing happiness in your life.

1. If you have the group of two or four young persons, you have to bring unity. You have to bring love and co-ordination in their thoughts. With this , you feel always fun and happiness.

2. Group of female and male should be separate. If both are in group, then their behaviour should be as brother and sister. With this, there will less chance of fighting each other.

3. Group fun does not mean that youth group enjoys their lives with bad song and dance. This will give fun for small time but not whole life. Real fun is to help each other and solve the problem of each other.

4.  For bringing youth group fun, you have to leave selfishness.

5. To make youth group fun, you have to sacrifice your interest also for the interest of group.

6.  Youth group can enjoy by playing any game.

7. They can prepare any funny poetry. Through speaking their poem to each other, they can get youth group fun.

8. Youth group should do some social welfare activities. They can play a drama for stopping the killing of daughters, promoting blood donation and stopping rape cases. This will bring fun.

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