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How to Promote Youth Leadership

Youth are the life blood of any nation. If youth come forward for leading the nation, there is no doubt of country's progress. But it is very latest sad news that today youth has no interest in leadership. He just become the leader in school or college. Some people say, there is youth leadership in military but you will feel say that there is lack of leadership in military also.

So, there is big need of promotion of youth leadership. Following are the steps for promoting youth leadership.

1.  Youth should learn leadership from old peoples. Old people have lots of experience of their lives. Young people should learn the lecture of old people. They can also learn the ideals of old people. They can use these in their leadership.

2. Youth should study the books of great leaders of their country. They should also study the books of famous international leaders. These books should the part of syllabus of youth's formal education.

3. Today, youth should learn the fight with corruption and black money. This is very necessary.

4. In the beginning of the process of becoming leader, will be difficult for you. But, after sometime, you will get interest in it. First of you should try to become leader among your friends. When they feel that you are the ideal of them. You should become the leader of your city and then your district. After this, you should think state and national leader.

5.  For promotion youth leadership, you should do any social work and call the youth for this. You will feel happy, youth will interested to do these social welfare activities.

Written by Rajesh Kumar 

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