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How to Write Press Release

Press creates the relationship between organisations and public. So, every organisation wants to publish their latest events in the press, so that it can reach to the public. Whether you are selling product or increase traffic  direct or indirect way, press can help you. Press is common word which is used for all news papers.  Every morning when you read news paper, you read lots of press releases of different organisation.

For knowing more, you search their traffic online. So, website's traffic will increase from press releases. Many online encyclopedia publishes the profiles of organisation on the basis of press releases.  Millions of people searches these online encyclopedia daily basis. So, you can estimate the long term benefits of writing press releases. So, today, we are writing our organisation's press release, it will help you to write your organisation's press release.


The Chief Editor,

(The name of newspaper)

Address of the office of Newspaper

Subject : Our Svtuition's Latest Press Release.

Svtuition is a free online virtual school who provides free education through written and video lectures. From time to time, we motivate our young students through motivational lectures. Through this Press release, we are happy to announce, we are organizing a motivational seminar for you which is totally free of cost. This motivational seminar will be 2 hours. It will be on 2nd july 2013 in Rose Garden, Chandigarh on 30th June 2013 from 2 :00 p.m to 4 : 00 p.m. In this seminar, you will get knowledge of success in life in simple words. So, please note the date, time and location.


Vinod Kumar ( Educator and Motivator)

Founder of Svtuition

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