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Mint Health Benefits

God has made mint as natural medicine. You just use daily and you can treat more than 20 diseases with mint. It is my personal 20 years experience. Come to the naturopathy and leave allopathy. In past, I had Naturopathic Practitioner and treated many patients successfully by just recommending them to use mint. moreover there is no side-effect of mint. You can treat following diseases and get health benefits from mint.

1. Stomach Ache
2. Digestive Disease
3. Cancer
4. Head Ache
5. Teeth Pain
6. Fat
7. Diabetes
8. Malaria
9. Skin Problem
10. Anal fistula
11. Asthma
12. Low Blood
13. Stone Problem
14. Eye Weakness
15. Joint Pain
16. Liver Disease
17. Lung Disease
18. Physical Weakness
19. Throat Problem
20. Breathing Problem

Now, I am telling its steps,

Just grind the mint in mixy. Take its juice. Mix it in one glass of water. Drink it morning and evening.

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