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How to Improve Brain Memory Power

Dear students,

Today, I tell you how to overcome the problem of memorizing concepts. How to improve brain memory power. For remembering anything, you have to read that again and again. Your retention of that will be increasing with every reading you will make.

Because when we study repeatedly, then the concept takes a place in our brain and mind. Along with that we need to have a positive attitude. You must have seen a football many times. When you hit a football to ground, it comes back upward, again you hit it, again it comes back and it goes on. There is a reaction of that action. What happens you say, no, I can not learn it. Next time, no, I can not do it. No, I can not learn it at all. Every time, you would say it , you will get it back . What you need to do. You hit the ball on the ground and say, yes I can do it , yes I will do it. It will add to your performance and you will keep on doing well better and the best. Then, we have to study that way. Make your brain positive and have an optimistic attitude.

I will do it. It is very easy. Attitude will make your remember things. If you would think that you can not do it, then you will not be able to to do it. If you say that you  can do it, you will do it. Because study is like a football play. You consider your study like a game. You have to do entertainment from it, you enjoy it. Then, you will be able to memorize it. Nothing is impossible. ok, thanks. 

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