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Testimonial From My Accounts Teacher

Recently, I got good wishes from my Account teacher for my career as entrepreneur. This mobile conversation in simple Hindi. It is just like testimonial so, it is in our free online school's showcase.

I : Good Evening, Madam Ji,

Account Teacher : First of All, I congratulate you on your success as entrepreneur.

I : Thank you Madam Ji. I need your blessings.

Account Teacher : My good wishes and blessing is always with you. God will help always for your success.

I : When a person goes from job to business, that person's thinking will be motivational and inspire others to do business.

Madam, we all know, job is the barrier to stop the potentiality of a person. So, I decided to quite my job and make my career as entrepreneur. I always recommend, student should learn from the job, then quite the job and start own business.

Account Teacher :Dear, you have great thinking. God bless you.

I : Thanks Madam ji. When I saw Our madam ji in facebook, I added you as my friend. Actually, In starting of my career, Dr. MD Swatanter had helped me to give the job of teacher for orphan students. Except this, I did lots of jobs and learnt many things and then I started my own business. I always recommend. If you have to do social welfare, you have to do the welfare of poor and needy students.

Account Teacher : Dear, I am agree with you. As a teacher, we should lead the way to our student. and then it is on the student's caliber who will attain the goal in his life for getting success.

What is your business.

I : I have lots business models. I have more than 15 business projects. Three main categories. One is education industry, second is data management industry and third is e-commerce industry. As you teach us in the classroom, I learnt from you and did practical and got success as entrepreneur. But, today, I am very sad, today, educational institutes are so greedy. They are getting big amount from poor and needy students but they are producing Fuse Bulbs. There is zero value of such students in the market. That is the reason, I started Svtuition- A free online Virtual School (Not-for-Profit Project) for producing honest, dedicated, hard working, self-confident and self-reliance students who will get success. Who will not be greedy. Who will stand on own foot. They will not do the work for money but work with money. They will increase their assets instead of their liabilities.

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