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How to Earn Money with Network Marketing

Today, our family expenses are increasing day by day. Inflation rate is also so high. That is the reason value of money is decreasing day by day. 

Sources of incomes is also decreasing. At that time, we can earn money through networking marketing. In this, you need not invest your money. You just try to best to sell domestic products to your family and friends. 

Total market is of sellers and buyers. No one retail seller gives discount on sales. But if I will sell, I will give 50% discount on the total profit which I will earn. With this, you will get domestic products cheap. 

But for this, you need to give me the promise. You will buy from me and you will try to sell other one. And then, you will get 50% of rest of my balanced profit. So, your income will increase day by day. 

One of great benefit of this, you will buy more things with your limited income because we have increased your new source of income. 

I am just investing my money in retail market with my safe side. You know, every investor will not lose his 9% annual interest on his income. So, I will buy more stock if you and other below team will buy from me. Otherwise, I will keep limited stock in my store. 

If I will invest my money in retail market, I need to spend more more money for loading the products in my store and also to keep the records. For this, I need accountant. So, before giving your the 50% share of my earned profit, I will deduct all the expenses on wholesale purchase. 

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