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35 Ways Increase the Views on Youtube Fastly

I am founder of Svtuition Youtube Educational Network which have more than 60 educational channel and more than 1 Crores , 90,000 views.  I have 35000+ subscribers. Today, I will unplug 35 useful ways, with this, you can increase the views on youtube fastly.

1. Work for Mission not for money

If you work for mission not for money, your views will surely increase. I am making youtube video when there is no source of earning from youtube. There are lots of things of education which we can not teach through text, so, I needed to teach through making video. My first video is of jan. 2008. If you are doing business, work for this if you need the video for promoting your business, give good quality in your video, it will surely popular in youtube.

2. Understanding the Concept before Making the Video

First, study yourself. Understand the concept. Now, try to simplify it. If it will simple, people will approach to your video on youtube. Just go to park and study the book. Make its good note. Now, come to the camera. Record your video and publish on youtube./ It is sure, you get good views these videos.

3. Make Series of Videos

Whether you are musician, singer, engineer or doctor, make the series on youtube. Make two videos every week for updating the subscribers. With series, people will go forward and backward for learning more, so, you will increase your views. I have made the series of different videos which you can check on svtuition channel's playlist.

4. Add Video in Your Written Content 

Open your website by buying domain and hosting or start a simple blog. Everything write something new and add simple one video in it. For understanding the concept in text, people will see your video. So, your your youtube video views will increase.

5. Give Motivation through Youtube Video

If you have any quality or you got any success in any area or you are failure in any area or you have done any mistake in any area. Make its video for helping other. People will get motivation from you through your youtube video and share to other peoples.

6. Take Other Person's Interview

People love to learn different peoples. God has give different voice to each person on the earth. If people are boring from you in your channel. Start to take the interview from other expert. Start from friends. Just request to your friend. They will give you the interview. It will help to grow your views on youtube.

7. Share Videos on Social Network

Make pages and groups and personal profiles on different social network. Share your videos on the social network. People will see and you will increase your youtube video views.

8. Teach About the Youtube

Many people do not know, how to use youtube effectively. Teach them and you will get good views from youtube communities.

9. Reviews Other Youtube Video Through Your Own Video

This world is working through collaboration. You can start collaboration through reviews other superhit videos on youtube and people will start view your video and with this, you can increase your views.

10. Review the Costly Products through Youtube Videos

Suppose, you have bought the camera of Rs. 1,50,000 or you have bought new car of Rs. 6,00,000, Use it and then review through youtube video. Your given review can save money and time. So, people will see your video before buying same products.

11. Make Dubbing Videos on Youtube

I hired some dubbing professionals who have dubbed my some videos. Through this, I have increased my youtube video views. You can also do same work and increase your youtube video views. People love to see video in their local language.

12. Convert Your written Text into Videos

If you are writer or you love to read any book. You can convert the text into video.

13. Use Cards for Promoting Your Other Youtube Channels

If your video has popular, you can add card to promote your other videos. Through cards, people, views your videos. Every popular video can increase the views of other three videos through cards.

14. Add Your Popular Video into Wikipedia and Wikihow References

There are lots of popular wikipedia and wikhow contents which need good quality video as reference for their community. You can add and increase your youtube video views.

15. Solve the Problems of Youtube Community Forum Through Youtube Videos

Just go to youtube community forum. Every minute lots of youtube are facing problem. If you have good knowledge of youtube working, you can solve their problem by making your youtube video and give them reference in your answer.

16. Solve the Problems of Youtuber Commenter through New Video

Sometime, user of your video on youtube can ask the problem. Make your new video and give reference same to him. You will surely get one good view from him.

17. Add Caption in Each Video

If you have written the title in English and your video is in hindi, it is very necessary to written the english transcription in same video through caption option. With this, all people who do not know hindi can understand your thoughts through your given caption.

18. Make Attractive Thumbnails of Each Youtube Video

Good thumbnail attract some new youtube users to see your video. So, give some time to make new and new thumbnail relating to your video.

19. Recreation of Better Video through Youtube Editor

In youtube editor, there good free music, there lots of backgrounds, there are lots videos with this, you can mix your video and create great recreate your new video which will millions of views.

20. Create New Course on Your Website through Youtube Videos

Through youtube video series, you can create a new course on your website. Lots of students will come to your website to learn your course. With this, you can increase your youtube views.

21. Write Review through the Comments on Other Videos After Watching

Everyday, see the video relating to your  video on youtube. Now, comment on it because it is your industry. So, your comment will have the value. After reading your comment, people will go to your channel and watch lots of your video.

22. Make Your Own Educational Product and Show Your Youtube Channel on it

Not fully depend on youtube. Do your other work and promote your youtube channel. For example, you are also selling electronics products. So, you can write your youtube channel name as advertising.

23. Make your Visiting Card

Sometime, people will  demand your visiting card. Write your official channel on it and give it to other. People will see and share it to others.

24. Proper Use of  Annotation

If you will show just next or back, people will surely click it and increase your views. For example, you have made video in 5 parts, so use annotation of each 5 parts. So, you will get 5 video views through annotation use. Except this, there are lots of other related videos which you can promote through annotation.

25. Use Printed Press

You can increase your youtube video views through the use of printed press. There are lots of community who are also reading printed newspaper. If there is motivational content. For example, some teacher has made their educational youtube channel. When they got good views and number of subscribers. They show their success in newspaper as press release. Through this, there are lots of other community subscribe their channel.

26. Increase Youtube Video Views through Use of Youtube analytics

In youtube analytics, there is good section of traffic. With this, you will know what people is writing on youtube for getting your video. On this basis, you can make new video for increasing the traffic from youtube.

27. Use of Good Title, Description and Tag in Video

People search youtube video by writing searching text. So, give good title, good description and good tag will increase your youtube video views.

28. Advertising 

You can promote your channel through advertising. Small advertising on facebook, twitter and news media and even on youtube will increase your youtube views.

29. Promote the Brand

In every video, you should show 0.2 second introduction of your brand. Use lots of website who will make 0.2 second brand introduction for youtube intro just for $ 5. Make it and use in your each video. People can remember it and can see lots of your video through searching your brand.

30. Start Offline Seminar 

In your area, you can start to give motivational offline seminar. Through offline seminar, you can promote your youtube channel. All your offline fan will surely see your youtube channel.

31. Appoint The Employee for New Ideas of Making Youtube Videos

Appoint good number of employees in your team who will make video on their new and innovative ideas. It will surely increase the views.

32. Making Video Relating to The Trend of Youtube

Youtube is the place of viral video. Your video views may be millions if you the trend of youtube videos. On this basis, you are producing new quality videos.

33. Think About Next 10 Years

Before making new video, think about next 10 years. It will help the community which will after 10 years. So, your video views will grow.

34. Make the Strict Schedule of Uploading New Videos

If you have strict schedule of uploading new video, you will get more views. All will fail who do not upload video regularly.

35. Make Behind the Scene Video 

If you will start to make behind the scene video of your channel, people will surely see these videos. 

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