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How to Increase Intelligence

Are you facing the problem of not understanding the concepts or  low memory or low brain capacity or you have less IQ. In this video, we have explained few and amazing tips for increasing intelligence fastly.

For increasing intelligence, there is 5 basic rules which you need to follow.

1. Start work with reverse way

This first step will be helpful for give the challenge to your brain. If you will do normal things with direct way, your brain will use 10% of his total capacity. You need to increase it upto 100%. So, you need to start all work with reverse way. Make the list of work which you can do reverse way.

a) For example writing with your hand which is not perfect.
b) Walking backside.
c) Drive backside
d) Walking with one leg
e) Talking in foreign language

2. Find the support from inside through meditation

Inside of body is the temple of god. Just close your eyes and focus your brain for getting good solutions of your all problems. With this, your intelligence will increase.

3. Practice your skills

With above steps, you will get great skills by practicing, you will become genius.

4. Give Test

For better result from your brain, it is also necessary to give test and check yourself.

5. Eat only fruits and drink only milk

If you want to reach highest level of IQ, start to eat only fruits and drink only milk. It will reduce the disturbance in your mind.

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