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How to Send Legal Notice to YouTube

After opening easiness of youtube partnership, people are starting upload video through wrong way. They download other's video without permission and then upload same quality video in own youtube channel. Due to this, there is big loss to original uploader of youtube video.

As per youtube TOS, it is wrong and it is against the copyright of original publisher of video. If youtube will find same, your account can be deleted. The original publisher of video can also find the cheater and give its legal notice against him to youtube.

For this, following are simple steps for sending legal notice to youtube.

1. Just go to 

Submit a copyright takedown notice - YouTube Help

Read its rules and regulation very clear. If you are just entertaining here, you can face big legal problem. So, be serious and after reading submit a copyright take-down legal notice. False legal notice will delete your youtube account whole time. 

2. Submit the Webform for legal notice

Check the only radio button of copyright infringement. If you are facing other problem, you need not send legal notice, youtube will automatically send you other help center. 

3. Wait for few days. 

Youtube and google employee will investigate and only then, they will take decision. 

4. Cheater's account will close or will show strike in cheater's  channel's copyright claim section.

Just below

As per Google

If you've come across content on Google that may violate the law, let us know, and we'll carefully review the material and consider blocking, removing or restricting access to it. Abusive content on Google's services may also violate Google's product policies, so before sending us a legal request, consider flagging the post, image, or video for one of our content teams to review.

Retract a claim of copyright infringement

After getting the legal notice, youtube will show strike on youtube channel's control panel. Now, if anybody has same problem of misunderstanding or both are agree on certain terms to delete this legal notice to youtube, then sender of legal notice can retract his claim of copyright infringement. 

Remember : 

1. After getting legal notice and strike your video, your video will delete all the time. 
2. If there is small shoot or background music, you can not send legal notice to youtube. You just block the video which is copyright material. For this, you need to apply youtube content id. 
3. If video hosting is not youtube but on the website, there is different procedure. You need to send legal request to google to remove the website content. Just read more detail  at 

Legal Removal Requests

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