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How to Connect 2 Water Tanks

Cheap and easy way is to get the service of professional plumber. We have professional plumber which will teach you the simple steps.

1. Hole both the water tanks

If you want to hole in the water tank, just heat 10 minutes to your iron pipe which will be used for joining. Now, with pressure, hole the water tank. Water tank is made with plastic material, so, it will be liquid when we hole with heated iron.

2. Add Tanki nipples in both tanks

just go to the market and buy it with rubber washer for stopping leakage .

3. Join both tanks with union

This is tool which will be helpful for joining two tank pipes each other.

For joining, use thread and sfeda. Check by adding water in both tank.

Remember : 

  • Before doing all above steps, check the level. It must be equal.
  • Use Wrench  Tools  for tighting tanki nipple and union. 
  • Need 1 or 2 Laborers.

Free Video Tutorial

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