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How to Connect Tap to Water Tank

To connect tap to water tank is necessary because with this, same water tank can be used in kitchen for cleaning and drinking purpose. Same water can be used for other purpose and save for some time.  If you want to learn connection tap to water tank, you should know the basic of plumbing education and follow following steps.

There are three main steps to connect Tap to water tank.

Written Steps 

1. Hole the Water Tank 

For holing the water tank, you have to heat the pipe on gas which you have to connect with water tank. Water tank plastic will become liquid and you can add the tanki nipple in it.

2. Connection of Tap with Water Tank

From inside and outside, we have to tight tanki nipple. Just go to market and buy it. You must use the tanki nipple washer, otherwise, your water tank will leak.

3. Tight Tap with pipe and Tanki Nipple with Wrench

Now, you need two wrench. With this, you can tight the tap, pipe, connector and tanki nipple each other after rotating each other.

Remember : Tight the water tank's tap, pipe and tanki nipple at optimum level, otherwise, it will loose.

Video Tutorial 

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