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How to Treat Fungal Nail Infection Naturally

In naturopathy, there is full treatment of fungal nail infection. For this, you need to purify your blood. You need to follow natural principles for this. You need to sacrifice all the food which increase this type of infection. So, watch this Hindi lecture to know full detail of its procedure. It is skin problem.

Main reason of this

 There is something wrong in your blood. 

 You know that blood is made by digested food.

First of all, our food will go to our intestine where it is digested into liquids. These liquids goes to liver where these liquid converts into blood. Now, blood goes to heart. Heart is pump which mix the oxygen in it and our blood will purify. When there is the problem in your intestine or in your liver or in your heart. Blood will not purify. It will create infection in any part of body. All these parts are god gifted. God does not do the mistake. So, mistake is in our food.

So, if you want to treat this disease, then never eat

 a) Meat, chicken and non-veg.

 b) Never eat sugar

 c) Never eat white floor

 d) Never eat refined oil

 e) Never drink cold water and other cold food.

 f) Never use pressure cooker in your home.

 g) Never drink water after eating the food. Drink water after one hour.

 Do also good exercise in the morning and evening time.


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